explaining why I think Riots MMO will compete with (and hurt) Ashes of creation

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I Expand on my thoughts on why I think the Riot MMO will compete and come to blows with riots new MMO, and addressing criticism of my last video. even if I do stand by what I said about the 2 MMOs


1 thought on “explaining why I think Riots MMO will compete with (and hurt) Ashes of creation”

  1. Lol are people even debating this? I hope AoC is successful, but as soon as Riot's MMO releases it will dwarf AoC into a tiny pea.. If Lost Ark and New World get 1 million players on launch, which i assume is the best case scenario for AoC, maybe if they have really good betas and marketing they can get 2 million… Riots MMO will get at least 10 million and im playing it safe with that number.
    The interest in the world of Runeterra is already massive, by the time the game releases, we will have more games, more tv shows, movies, comics, books, etc… plus Riot's marketing teams are insane, we are looking at the biggest MMORPG launch of all time.


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