Everything Legendary Explained in Ashes of Creation – Legendary Gear, Mounts & Crafting Overview

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Legendary Items will be key for people looking to have a competitive edge in both PvE and PvP as this is the top tier of gear in Ashes of Creation. There will be some legendary gear drops but most will be obtained through the crafting & Artisan system. In this video, I’ll explain how world bosses and dungeons will help you obtain the legendary materials you need to craft the gear and how this may all work. There are also legendary mounts in the game that will be exclusive and rare and gained through certain paths throughout the game.

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11 thoughts on “Everything Legendary Explained in Ashes of Creation – Legendary Gear, Mounts & Crafting Overview”

  1. This Week ill be going over all things legendary in Ashes of Creation, what do you guys think about legendary items and gear and the way intrepid are doing things? let me know down below in the comment section. Don't forget to drop a Like, Feel free to Share and HIT the Subscribe button.

  2. Great video mate! Can’t wait to get grinding for the legendary gear. I agree with you – I love when legendary gear is recognisable on other players. It gives you something to aim for

  3. I feel this is a nice way of doing things, the idea you need to go out find these materials from multiple areas and invest even more time into getting them,or by using Team Work is the way it should be done, I'm all for all of this.
    Brilliant video Dude! Absolutely loving your Content.

  4. Really good video. As a crafter I'm really liking the way intrepid are making it so that crafting has a place in Ashes of Creation it's not something to do just when you bored it also has purpose. Can't wait to jump into the game and check it out.

  5. About the unique 1 per server Legendary gear, I thought they said you can also get those if you kill the person holding it? This way the first to get it can't just keep it easily forever and has to actually actively defend it?

  6. was alrdy planning to be a Blacksmith. smelter , woodworker
    and that u can gather all materials as long as u got the gathering tool for it,
    hope gathering dont take up a profession slot, so it would be like New World kinda when it comes to gathering
    bigger professions i think we only could have 1 of right ?


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