Ep 9 – Worlds Organizing – Group Finder in Ashes of Creation and Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

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10 thoughts on “Ep 9 – Worlds Organizing – Group Finder in Ashes of Creation and Pantheon Rise of the Fallen”

  1. Dungeonfinder are bad for the reason that you are not taking the journey "to the dungeon" it is an important part of group building and interaction, helping eachother to "get to the dungeon" a finder is bad in my opinion, if it teleports you right into the dungeon like WoW does. if there would be a way to look for people but you would still be able to message them first and then invite them and you STILL HAD to walk to the dungeon and make your journey there, i would maybe be fine with it. great video tho and nice seeing your views on this.

  2. Dungeon/group finders and teleporters are not really what kills social interaction, it is the non stop fighting. Need that downtime and slower tactical pace while adventuring to develop bonds.

  3. Both systems seem to assume that every player has time to wait for to group to be formed up regardless of the time that it takes to get a full party. Depending on the time of day it can potentially take up to a hour to get a full party. Healers are notoriously hard to come by for any party. There is also a chance that people have to leave since they cant dedicate 2 to 3 hours potentially in running a certain instance. Also what happens when the instances become so familiar that people will be doing them within 30 mins or so. Is it realistic to expect players to spend potentially more time waiting for a party to form up than doing the actual instance. Both system seem to gather to a particular set of players who like the aspect of socialising. Mmo´ s include different types of people and in hardcore guilds especially the aim isnt to socialise but to maximise the potential of their own performance to achieve the goal for example.

  4. Whoo!!! No babies waking up!!

    Thanks so much guys! Sounds perfect, great job! Much appreciated!!

    Great topic.

    I'm all for anything that quickly finds people. But that's it. Just put us all together and then we will take over in regards to which dungeon, and running there ourselves, etc.

  5. Id love a game where its not possible to chat anywhere else other than /say. So only possible to speak to people if you meet them face to face. If you want to build groups or trade or whatever there would obviously be hotspots like Inns where people meet. If you meet someone out in the wild its way more special and you are more likely to talk to them. Sure theres discord to "cheat" that system but even if its still very cool in my opinion. Especially if you travel for long times.


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