Ep 14 – Bean Counting – Dissecting our Pantheon Crafting Interview with Special Guest Nathan NAPALM

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Welcome to Disparate Worlds, where an irresistible force meets an immovable object, comparing and contrasting the worlds of Pantheon – Rise of the Fallen and Ashes of Creation. In this episode, Mox and Sechari spend some time with Nathan NAPALM thinking through our recent Crafting and Gathering interview on Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

0:01:21 – Intro
0:03:21 – Main Topic Intro
0:04:28 – Overall Thoughts
0:09:30 – Specialization
0:14:20 – Can We Make Furniture?
0:18:26 – Level Progression
0:23:00 – Item Repairs and Removal
0:31:40 – Racial Bonuses and Faction
0:36:37 – Best in Slotism
0:41:04 – Wrap Up
0:42:30 – Comquest & Signoff

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*** Comquest ***
Episode 14’s Comquest: Nathan is a purveyor of puppetry. See the episode at 42:30 for an example of his work. He has volunteered to make a DW puppet based on Mox or Sechari. Who do you want to see him make? Please vote in the comments and the winning “victim” will get immortalized in a rap video as a puppet.

Take care of yourselves, and remember always to be immovable in your principles and irresistible in your passion.

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Special thanks to Nathan NAPALM for joining this episode… the insightful thoughts of whom have no doubt rescued it from our incompetence 😉

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