Ep 13 – Bean Stew – Pantheon Crafting & Gathering with David ‘Nephele’ Beach & Chris ‘Joppa’ Perkins

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Welcome to Disparate Worlds, where an irresistible force meets an immovable object, comparing and contrasting the worlds of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and Ashes of Creation. In this episode, Mox and Sechari spend some time with Chris “Joppa” Perkins and David “Nephele” Beach discussing Crafting and Gathering in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

Note: The information here is how things stand as of the date of the interview. Visionary Realms reserves the rights to change or tweak any of these things in the continued development of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

0:00:43 – Intro
0:02:08 – Pantheon News
0:03:19 – Ashes News
0:04:25 – MMOGames Twitter poll
0:06:00 – Interview Intro
0:22:13 – Neph on the six crafting disciplines
0:30:54 – Neph on specialization
0:38:56 – Soul binding, item removal and their effects on crafting
0:44:05 – Level progression and crafted items
0:51:04 – Molds and schematics
0:54:16 – Effects of race on crafting
0:57:02 – Combating theory-crafting and “best-in-slot mentality”
1:04:41 – Disposition’s role in crafting
1:07:24 – The use of tools in gathering
1:11:08 – Joppa on quality of life in pantheon
1:12:35 – Storage space, encumbrance, and weight reduction
1:18:50 – Interview wrap-up
1:20:57 – Comquest & Signoff

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*** Comquest ***
Episode 12’s Comquest: What is the highest amount you have ever spent in a cash shop in one month? The winner was Michael Pate – $25

This episode’s Comquest: Give us your most creative recipe for a food item in Pantheon. Maximum of 4 ingredients. The most creative answer wins and will get pinned.

Take care of yourselves, and remember always to be immovable in your principles and irresistible in your passion.

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Thanks especially to Nephele and Joppa for being a part of this episode and for their tireless work bringing new life to a game genre many of us have come to love dearly.

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    3) Thronefast Butter
    4) Mashed with the finest Dwarven mace.
    The perfect recipe for the best mashed potatoes.


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