Ep 12 – Worlds Plundering – Cash Shops in Ashes of Creation and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

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Welcome to Disparate Worlds, where an irresistible force meets an immovable object, comparing and contrasting the worlds of Pantheon – Rise of the Fallen and Ashes of Creation. In this episode, Mox and Sechari discuss the ways in which Intrepid Studios and Visionary Realms can be more profitable and the pros and cons of cash shops.

00:49 – Intro
03:28 – Pantheon News
08:28 – Ashes News
09:20 – Fully-Funded Rumors and Pantheon
12:58 – Cash Shops
35:34 – Wrap-up
36:08 – Comquest & Signoff

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*** Comquest ***
Episode 9’s Comquest: I have been running Dungeons and Dragons for the better part of 40 years. How many Total Party Kills have I presided over? – The Answer is one. Honorable mention goes to Archangel223.
This episode’s Comquest: What is the highest amount you have ever spent in a cash shop in one month?
The most egregious answer wins and will get pinned.

Take care of yourselves, and remember always to be immovable in your principles and irresistible in your passion.

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11 thoughts on “Ep 12 – Worlds Plundering – Cash Shops in Ashes of Creation and Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen”

  1. Cash shops have been the topic of conversation for the past month or so it seems. Personally I don't care so long as it isn't P2W. I think there is going to be a change in the way they work though. More than likely it'll be a tiered system of subscriptions to change access, or lack there of, to the cash shops. It may also include discounts on multiple subscriptions too so if you have 2 people in the household playing the game, instead of paying 40$ for the 2 accounts to play on a server with no cash shop, maybe it'll be 35$. just some thoughts.

  2. Selling cosmetics has all but ruined mmos for me to be honest. In the end, if there's nothing cool to earn in game loot-wise the entire experience is just uninspiring and bland. Raid content can still be fun to learn with friends, but past your first clear what's the point if you don't get rewarded properly for it. Nothing you do in game has any weight to it these days because all the real loot is sold in a cash shop.

    People can say it's all about the experiences with other players, but kind of like it was pointed out in this video I don't think those experiences happen much anymore because the driving force to be excited about going out and doing things has been lost – which is epic loot from content and achievements.

  3. I personally have never spent a penny on a cash shop as I do not agree with the concept, like many others on here. Though, I spent $20 on a League of Legends gift card for my younger brother's graduation present.

  4. I think the higher tier subs for servers without cash shops is a pretty bad idea. If enough of the player base pays for the higher tier servers, then the lower tier sub players will have a diminished experience because they wont have enough people to play with on their own server. There is no need to separate the community like this, especially in a game built around the mantra "community matters". Instead, the game should just have a box price, a sub fee, and perhaps sell things like bank space or bags with a lot of inventory slots. They could even go the way of Runescape and sell unique animations for certain actions (unique resting animation, crafting animation, etc.)

  5. Balancing a Shop will never work, it's a trap. VC/founder will put pressure and CEO will cave if he isn't the one pressuring to put more cooler items into the Shop, after all he gets Bonus if sales go up. Do not be fooled if they promise they will balance.

  6. I bought a Celestial Steed (better known among WoW Players as the Sparkle Pony) when it was first released. I had a lot of alts and at the time it meant I would never have to grind for a flying mount again. Laster on they made mounts account wide so it was a non-issue. https://us.shop.battle.net/en-us/product/world-of-warcraft-mount-celestial-steed

    In FFXIV I bought a couple of on-sale items back when I first started playing. I still have them but there are a lot of items in game that I prefer. https://store.finalfantasyxiv.com/ffxivstore/en-us/product/97


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