Ep 11 – Cohh My! – Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s Pre-Alpha Evaluation Build with CohhCarnage

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Welcome to Disparate Worlds, where an irresistible force meets an immovable object, comparing and contrasting the worlds of Pantheon – Rise of the Fallen and Ashes of Creation. In this episode, Mox and Sechari dissect the new Pantheon Evaluator Build gameplay footage from CohhCarnage.

00:47 – Intro
03:08 – Pantheon News
05:31 – Main Topic Intro
07:27 – Environment Positives
10:36 – Environment Negatives
13:36 – System Specs
14:39 – Character Models
19:16 – Equipment / Acclimation
22:04 – Movement / Animation
24:56 – Torch Issues
27:12 – Weapons Not Sheathed
28:00 – Keyboard Interactions
29:20 – Climbing / Endurance
30:50 – Abilities / Mastery Points / Stealth
34:47 – Quests / NPC Interaction / Text
38:18 – Flipping Out Over Flips
40:30 – User Interface
42:24 – Lack of Difficulty
44:59 – Final Thoughts
46:19 – Signoff

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CohhCarnage playthrough – Evaluation Build – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrM8iN2K2-M

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Take care of yourselves, and remember always to be immovable in your principles and irresistible in your passion.

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14 thoughts on “Ep 11 – Cohh My! – Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s Pre-Alpha Evaluation Build with CohhCarnage”

  1. Someone really hates right angles. I have to say although most of your points are valid about animations and graphics, it has also been repeated over and over by the devs that all that is taking backseat to gameplay mechanics/systems at this point and is placeholder. If they are unable to get investment then this may be close to what we are going to get, otherwise expect an overhaul. Mastery points will indeed be able to be redone, although with some pain involved. Weapons can be sheathed and item comparison is on the to do list. The demo was made to be easy so investors could actually get through the content without knowing the details of how to play the class. You guys missed the things that stood out to me, the sheer amount of clickable discoverable items, drops that can upgrade skills, conversation only discoverable by invis/stealth, and dispositions in action with the pyrophobic spiders running from fire. Still fun as always watching you two discuss the games.

  2. Awesome video guys. I really loved the Cohh stream, and it got me HYPED but I appreciate you guys' opinions and criticisms. The one major thing I saw that you guys mentioned was the shiny hair/details. That's something that I noticed and didn't love. Reminded me a bit of Vanguard's style of graphics.

  3. I heavily disagree with the point that was made about backflipping and other acrobatic movements.
    1.) It was limited to only the monk (as far as I remember the Rogue performed a spinning wheel kick and not a backflip), which is a light weight acrobatic class. So its believable that this class would be able to learn such movements.
    2.) This does not break immersion. Its not like they were doing anything crazy; just flips. In fact – there are people who do this in real life at an extremely high level. Just look up Michel Pereira or Anthony Pettis if you don't believe me. These guys are actually MORE acrobatic than what we see in the gameplay of Pantheon, and they fight at the highest levels of professional fighting.
    3.) This is a fantasy game. Let it be fantastical. I'm no rocket scientist, but I find it hard to believe that a world where levitation exists, teleportation exists, and time travel/interdimensional travel is done with ease, follows the same laws of physics that we know and understand on Earth.

  4. Yeah my biggest dislike of that stream was the hair. Looked plastic. Petty? yes but it is what it is. Hope it is something that gets worked on in the future but I'd rather more content be added than polishing the character's hair.

  5. I appreciate the shoutout. I'm glad to see that my ramblings are noticed and appreciated. Fortunately for you guys I have some more "insightful" comments to make about this video in the footage shown. Personally I think there's a lot to like but there's also a lot to nitpick even knowing the developmental stage Pantheon is currently in. So I'll get into it starting with the environment!

    I'll start off by stating the obvious, this is early development, pre-alpha…blah blah etc…etc.

    Now that this is out of the way lets talk Academy. I think they did a good job of designing a place that looked exactly as you might expect but to some degree that might've been the problem. From a design point of view perfect stone walls at 90 degree angles is what you want. Perfect geometry is great. However, we currently live in a time where a great deal of fans judge the realism of a given environment based on how subtle their imperfections are. Torn rugs, worn doors, doorways and rooms that are not exactly 90 degree boxes. If nothing else perhaps a distraction from these perfections could be in order. If this place is just a perfectly kept Academy with perfect architecture perhaps there's a reason for it that we haven't been told yet? Maybe this is some kind of legendary training facility and in the finished version it'll have portraits of famous generals or warriors that were once part of this facility? IDK….all in all I think that something needs to distract us from the sheer amount of squares going on.

    On a completely opposite note I loved the Crystal Cave. That place was so amazing and great to look at but beyond that the environment really felt organic it's like…the exact opposite of the Academy. I love the fact that there was this almost kind of mist that made you think "oh I want him to run just a little bit more over here". It filled me with a sense of adventure which is what you want in just about any game but especially an MMO because a large part of the game is running around and exploring the world and if you're not motivated to do that you'll probably lose interest fast.

    As far as character models and animations..etc I'm not sure what I can say that hasn't been said 10x already. Overall not bad some things were actually very impressive but the stiffness in the movement does seem a bit…dated? Not to mention the hair being kind of shiny. I'm not one of those people that is overly picky about animations/graphics but in 2021+ It does feel almost like a blast from the past…which could be what hey are going for? Perhaps part of the "feel"? Maybe they want this to feel like an early 2000s game and the animations and such being a bit stiff, repetitive, or downright goofy(looking at you torch) is all part of the plan? Well, we'll see I guess.

    Now, the last thing I'll touch on are a few of the mechanics of the game that we got a chance to see. Acclimations, Stamina Bars, and Special Abilities. First of all the Acclimation and Stamina/Endurance bar felt super familiar and I realized I recently got a chance to see these both played out in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Anyone who's played the game will tell you that until you've upgraded your stamina bar enough climbing or even just sprinting can feel…restrictive at first. Then there's the fact that you can't just waltz into a freezing cold area and not die. The good news is you can combat this or completely get rid of this issue by finding the right gear. Based on the footage it looks like Pantheon will function exactly the same which is fine to me because I'm already use to it. The one thing BoTW doesn't have is a natural acclimation to dangerous areas that's something I am interested in seeing play out.

    The last thing I want to talk about are the Abilities. Personally, I'm one of those people that believes that certain points and ability skills should not be redistributed within reason. I think their should be a certain one-time re-spec available as perhaps a specific class-change event that happens at some point early on when everyone should be out of the "noob phase". After that, the ability to respect/reskill sort of makes the Idea of mastering a skill or set of skills seem trivial and pointless.

    speaking of Trivial and pointless…..How pointless is Stealth? A torch takes you out of Stealth…..a torch. I don't have anything insightful to say about this….it's just dumb. It's the most idiotic thing I've ever seen involving stealth in any game that I've ever played and I've played at least 80 MMOs.

    Anyways, That was long. If you made it this far congratulations ^_^


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