ELITE LEGENDARY WEAPON FARM! BEST Legendary Item Farm! Weapon Farm! | Outriders Demo!

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Today we take a look at a legendary farm that allows you to farm a elite Vanguard Captain very quickly and easily to get legendary weapons. This farm is done by the second main campaign mission, then killing the captain, dying, and then repeating.
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11 thoughts on “ELITE LEGENDARY WEAPON FARM! BEST Legendary Item Farm! Weapon Farm! | Outriders Demo!”

  1. This gives another good option for farming legendary weapons in the demo. This one is more focused on killing a single enemy as quickly as possible then dying to reset. Overall, I think it's slightly weaker than the first elite Captain farm I went over, but still very good.

  2. Nice video. But the Epic sniper you are using, is there a date/time it dropped from the vendor or is it just pure luck that she sells it. I know about the +1hr thing. Which won't be any use after tomorrow.

  3. We'd better get all we can before the demo patch they announced that's coming. It may be here as early as tomorrow March 5 and no later than a week from today! There will still be a chance for legendary's to drop but we'll have to put in a little bit more work because they will no longer spawn in loot boxes.


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