Do You Want PvP With Your Open World Boss PvE?

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In this episode we discuss a variety @Ashes of Creation questions including pvp during raids, AI, node timers, Tulnar, influencers and artisan paths.

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The Ashen Forge: Episode 70 – The Combat Conundrum

00:00 – Intro
03:20 – PvP during open world boss raids
09:29 – Keep character low but raise the crafting level?
16:10 – Length of time to level nodes
21:10 – Destroy the religious nodes
26:28 – Utility based AI
35:00 – Season tech under the water
36:55 – Item deconstruction
43:34 – Achievement hunting
50:37 – Cooking vs gear crafting
56:00 – Hospital building
57:17 – Tulnar choosing racial abilities
58:40 – Guild branding
01:02:04 – Influencers as mayors
01:07:20 – Artisan path change


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