Disgusting… Blizzard fails hard | Huge Costs and 2 Week Prepatch | Classic Burning Crusade

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22 thoughts on “Disgusting… Blizzard fails hard | Huge Costs and 2 Week Prepatch | Classic Burning Crusade”

  1. I shouldn’t be surprised but it’s so grotesque I’m actually taken aback. I know what you’re feeling. I was using TBC launch this Summer to get through some tumultuous times. Never would have guessed I would feel deflated by it. Maybe Ashes of Creation can be a little spark for some people. I’ll be watching.

  2. Let me clarify. You're saying you are not going to play TBC because:
    1. Blizzard added one paid mount, and you need to pay once to keep a character both in Classic and TBC.
    2. Some guy left Blizzard. We've never heard his name once before this happened.
    3. You have a new game to play.
    Did I get you right?

  3. blizzard didnt fail at all. just the boomers having a sook. Who didnt think blizzard what try profit off a 15 year old game. you're lucky they didnt add a cost to buy the fuckin expansion

  4. I would agree that vanilla Had a better world but classic did not. From over populated severs , imbalanced factions, bot/cheat rings holding black lotus market hostage to boosting meta. Classic wows world was ok with (imo) a way worse pvp meta

  5. I agree with everything you said about Blizzard but "Ashes" are already pushing monetization without even having a game. They are charging $400 for the Alpha test and their cosmetic shop is being pushed constantly so I don't see the promise TBH


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