Did Intrepid FIX Caravans? | Ashes of Creation Commentary

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A short video which talks about Ashes of Creation’s Caravan System and it’s problems.
Nothing to complicated here, not my best edited, but I couldn’t think of any visuals which made the video better so I just dropped the complicated editing.


4 thoughts on “Did Intrepid FIX Caravans? | Ashes of Creation Commentary”

  1. The initial defenders of the caravan has a lot of incentive to deliver the goods, it's the characters that discover the caravan in progress that are only incentivized to attack.

    So far as I can see, if you stumbled across a caravan mid journey, the only disincentive to joining the attackers is your relationship with the sponsoring guilds, players, and crafters. Which may be sufficient.

  2. I feel like the caravan system won't ever be balanced. Attackers have such a huge advantage from the fact more players can join the attack at random. While defenders don't have that luxury — If I saw a caravan I'd defiantly attack it, who wants to defend anyway, besides maintaining reputation or guild alliances etc.

  3. I feel like we should not get so into game, I mean if you lose something you have to relax because you did not lose job or idk. Its a game and it should be punishing otherwise it won't feel as rpg. Rpg is realism even if its fantasy ot has to have some sense to feel real in our imagination. Just relax and have fun, don't take it seriously.

  4. How about the group size of two sides must be roughly match, for example if defender is just a full member team the attacker must not be a group larger than a full member team therefore no matter how many people want be attacker side to raid the caravan the attackers won’t be 100% teammate to each.

    If that’s not good or not enough, how about attacker side will have X% friendly fire while raiding caravan and defender side won’t, it’s kind of limit the attacker side aoe damage out put or positioning, or maybe if attacker side aoe anyway it might make the healing pressure of attacker side higher than defender side.

    And defender respawn near caravan but attacker side only respawn at nearest respawn point on map.


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