DG REACTS to Ashes of Creation: THE SAVIOR of MMOs… Or is it?

Read more about Ashes of Creation ➜ https://ashesofcreation.mgn.tv

The Communitai want me to watch some dude talking about Star Citizen briefly in an Ashes of Creation vid. Interesting… I’m game.

Credits: Ashes of Creation: THE SAVIOR OF MMOs… Or Is It? by NARC

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4 thoughts on “DG REACTS to Ashes of Creation: THE SAVIOR of MMOs… Or is it?”

  1. Giving players too much input in the game development leads to classic „too many cooks“ problems.

    Ask 10 people how they want the game to work, you get 12 opinions of which 6 are mutually exclusive.

  2. It is hard to watch an uninformed prick talking about what he has even closely tried (before making a video about it) and filling the gaps with plain lies, I gonna watch it to the end for respect t your channel man, but please DG, get pro, bring some legit criticism this is just trash


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