Deep Diving in Ashes of Creations Dungeons- Overview and Feedback

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Dungeons are a key part of any MMO but Ashes of Creation takes them to a whole new level by making both instanced and open world depending on what dungeon you are doing you may find yourself having to take part in Combat and PvP. In this video, I’ll explain everything about this gameplay system, what I’m hoping to see in alpha 2, and how the PvE bosses will change depending on your performance whether that be DPS, Tank, Support or Healer classes.

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4 thoughts on “Deep Diving in Ashes of Creations Dungeons- Overview and Feedback”

  1. So this week ill be doing the full dungeons overview giving my opinion and feedback, Hope you enjoy it and let
    me know what do you guys think of the dungeon system in Ashes of Creation do you like it? think they could add more or do you want it changed? drop it in the comment section below, and feel free to give it a share.

  2. Great video I can't wait to jump in and be healing everyone through out the dungeon. I'm the type of healer who doesn't like the team to be down any health at all haha we'll see how that goes when you throw the possibility of PvP into the mix


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