Daily Login Rewards | Ashes of Creation January Dev Discussion

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Late video. Talking about daily log in rewards.


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  1. Super late video. Meant for it to be out a while ago, but I got super busy. Quick note: the game that starts halfway through is Black Desert Online (BDO), which I talk about in the video so I left some footage of it in there. I just forgot to put in a marker noting that the game is BDO and not Ashes of Creation, so I'm leaving this here just in case people do think BDO is Ashes for some reason.

  2. So I am stopping the video to add this comment at time stamp 8:57 so if you address this later on I apologize, but if I wait till the end of the video i likely wont post it. So at this point we are going on the premise of a "get it or loose it" cosmetic item and thus causing alot of pressure. I totally agree with this assessment. You then start with suggesting rotating available rewards.

    I would like to offer what I would do given his coin reward systems. I would simply have this cosmetic "Vendor" and every months add a new item to the "shop" starting at launch. I would not remove the items I would simply keep adding a new item to the shop each month, that way any player regardless of when they start after their first month they would have a choice of any 1 cosmetic item from release till now. I would also introduce some form of coin caught up systems allowing players who are not able to log in every single day to make up lost days.

    Ashes of Creation has such huge potential and I regret not having the time to be more involved with the Dev teams player interactions. However if my suggestion does no offend you feel free to pass it on on my behalf 🙂


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