Corruption System is FLAWED in Ashes of Creation?! | Reacting to @Surma

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Is the PvP flagging system in Ashes of Creation flawed? Does the Corruption System need some adjusting? Today, I am watching a video from Surma talking about the HUGE flaw in the PvP flagging system in Ashes of Creation. I give my thoughts on his suggestion and what I think about Corruption and the PvP system for Ashes. What do you guys think? Do you think the corruption system needs some work or do you think its fine as is? Let me know down in the comment section of this video! ! If you like the video, then HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON, SHARE IT with your friends! Subscribe to this channel and thanks for watching! And I’ll see you… in the next one!

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21 thoughts on “Corruption System is FLAWED in Ashes of Creation?! | Reacting to @Surma”

  1. His proposed change would result in more anti-social behavior, as assholes would get in your way and dare you to stop them.

    As is, the attacker asks themselves, is what this other guy is doing worth kicking his ass and gaining corruption.

    Now I have no experience with PvP in an MMO. But that's why I am trying out Archeage Unleashed for a month.

  2. I'm sorry for the video being cut off to the right. I will fix that for the next one. PvP flagging and corruption in Ashes of Creation. Personally, I want to see the system as is and go from there. I don't think I can get behind you not turning purple and remaining green. It is a great video Surma and you should really post this idea in the Ashes of Creation forums and see what other AoC people think of this. Let me know what you guys think!

  3. From I ggot from the video the initiator of the fight will become corrupted regardless of win or loss. If they lose they get resurrected as a corrupt player. Which I'm fine with that as a PVP player for attacking a green player and not a purple or red player

  4. Corruption isn't supposed to discourage PK'ing. It's supposed to discourage griefing. Also gaining corruption upon initializing combat is absolutely stupid. His takes are a complete L

  5. I like the point you made about how different alpha players will be than others – it's an interesting point I hadn't thought of before. But I'm sure it will have some impact on the feedback of game play for sure

  6. Biggest flaw I see in the corruption system is that if you get attacked, and attack back, you get open flagged for anyone in the world to attack you, who was only defending yourself. A game like "tibia" would make it so you can defend yourself without being open flagged for combat to all. And if you are a corrupted player, anyone who attacks you gets flagged against you specifically so you can kill them without adding to your frag level.

    At current people can attack you and pray you hit them back, then have their entire party come kill you without any consequence because you flagged just to defend yourself against 1 bait pvp'er.

  7. Hi Vlhadus, loved your reaction video! Thank you for watching. Some thoughts…
    1. Currently the only way you can become corrupted (red) is if you KILL a green player (look at the pvp flagging chart in the ashes wiki). The only pathway that leads to corruption (RED) is if you kill a green player
    2. Currently, if you defend yourself, you are flagged as purple, WHICH MEANS THAT EVEN IF YOU DO TRY TO DEFEND YOURSELF, BUT ULTIMATELY FAIL AND STILL DIE, THEN the initial aggressor gains NO corruption because the initial aggressor killed a "purple" player and not a "green" one.
    3. The change I am suggesting is that when you decide to defend yourself, you STAY green (instead of turning purple). In this situation where you try to defend yourself BUT ultimately still fail and die, NOW the initial aggressor DOES gain corruption (unlike in situation #2 where the initial aggressor did NOT gain corruption).

    Does this make sense?

    Essentially, if you start a fight AND kill someone, THEN you should get corruption whether or not your victim tried to defend himself.

  8. I believe Surma is right.
    If I defend myself I shouldnt turn Purple. I should only turn Purple if I kill my agressor. (as stated on his video)
    Imagine if a group of gangbangers attack you and you try to defend yourself. Both parties end up Purple with no Corruption at all given to the agressors!
    In this game there is almost zero repercussions for groups of murderers!

  9. He fails to recognize that after I attack him and he chooses not to defend himself I can stop attacking him before he dies. You KNOW I saw myself enter the video from stage left because I saw that juicy target being a “good boy” while gathering. I laughed and was super stoked to realize I have sweet karate moves. Not all attacks will result in death. I 100% will attack, but not always kill those who choose not to defend themselves.

  10. I ultimately disagree with the premise here. I feel the incentives of becoming purple and fighting back outweigh not fighting back to stay green and force they player to become corrupted.

    Now, had he brought up the potential issue of the winning player spawn camping and repeatedly griefing the defeated purple player, then I'd be on board with potential flaws. Because if upon dying you take death penalties AND stay purple, the other player will always have an advantage over you and can attack you again and again and again, gaining more advantage. But conversely, if you respawn green after being defeated, are you truly incentivized to fight back again after losing and taking death penalties? I would love to hear your thoughts on this potential issue.


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