Classes and Class Balance In Ashes of Creation (Ashes of Creation Explained)

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Ashes of Creation is an MMO with 64 different classes, could they possibly balance all that? Tanks, DPS, Healers, and Support archetypes will have numerous variants, not to mention augments based on guild size, religion, node type and level.


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  1. I like you Xil.
    I just grabbed the Alpha 2 access.
    So I guess I'm all in now.
    I'm old, this might be my last mmo.
    If it's 75% as good as the hype, then it should be a great game.

  2. I just hope it doesn't end up with the path of exile summoners kind of op builds. I'm sure anyone who played alongside one of those know the pain. It's as shit for the teammate then for the ennemies. If a build takes the fun out for others it needs to be nerfed imo.

  3. I think having so many variables to becoming the best of the best is a good thing.
    Less people having access to being an "OP" build allows other builds which are more fun to play still be competitive.
    another thing is that they don't have to balance all "64" classes, just the original ones as the secondary class you pick doesn't have much of an effect for example it changes a charge to a teleport.. still the same concept just a different spice.

  4. I'm interested to see if/how many abilities will be shared between classes. For example, how many tank abilities do you pick up for adding as your second class choice v. your first class choice? I find it difficult to believe each subset of classes will have completely their own abilities. Which then makes the subset specific spells that much more important. I don't think they can balance the classes, but if these specific spells have utility that is advantageous in a party setting or in certain maps or other aspects like that, then there is a lot of strategy and things to get excited about.

  5. Actually, that sounds excactly like TBC balancing to me. Who cares about the numbers? There are dozens of specs classes that are needed for different kind of utilities. I am okay to bring up worse numbers on the meter if I get in exchange something unique to that no one else can do in my raid!

  6. Duno what class gona play yet. Still have long time to start. Im exited about all materials gathering and fishing. Definetly gona go hard on those 2. Still wonder how the fishing is gona work and how ur gona be doing it. HF

  7. Balance in tabletop games rarely made things better for the experience of play. That said I don't expect the secondary to change the primary enough to make it a true separate class.

    I'm very worried about the only statement on summoner second class on the wiki is they will only summon weapons, because that could only increase dps. The augments should avoid this if possible to keep all choices meaningful to dps players.

  8. They already said that they wont even bother balancing for 1v1, but rather balance by groups (like wow is balanced on 3v3's).
    I'm thinking of playing Assassin, but if there is a MUCH stronger duelist, that isnt a caster, I'll play that.

  9. I looked at the chart and I thought "bruh, what the hell is this?"

    It does remind me of Titan Quest's class system, where two classes could be chosen, but that was always supposed to be PvE. PvP I think was added as a mod so balancing was not a problem for the developers.

  10. I don't think it's possible to make all of 64 subclasses 'balanced' for every situation in the game, and honestly I don't think they should try to. Every subclass should have one area its really strong in (almost to the point of feeling OP), a few more strong areas and a few weak points. This really helps give each class a unique identity.

    Also, allowing players to switch subclasses within their class will give them access to a variety of play styles and the ability to flex according to the situation. This minimizes the need to balance all 64 subclasses, and allows Intrepid to focus on balancing across the 8 primary classes.

  11. Well, Would be poor game design if they dont even attempt to somewhat ballance this 64 classes.
    I rather have 8 ballanced classes then 64 classes and you should not even think about playing 50 of them and only 4 are the real deal compared to all other classes. This would be stupid.

    Another option is to release the 8 base classes and later on ad class combinations one after another and ballance them as good as possible bevorehand and tweak them within a couple of weeks after release. Sure,.. this would take at lease 2-3 years for all the 64 combinations,… but this would still be a better way then releasing something that is broken or pointles…

    Just start with the 8 archclasses, fighter&fighter, tank&tank and so on,.. and open up other combinations every couple of weeks.
    This way you maybe get people to return to the game that quittet to try out something else or even get attention from gamers that havent even played the game bevore…
    This way the ashes team has more time to think about the unique skills of this classes and how to make them differently to allready existing ones.
    Just combine the releases of new classcombinations with a trailer and hype the playerbase with combatgameplay. (maybe even release with this classes class themed cosmetics)

    This would be a win/win,… The gamers get ballanced classes and "content" over time while ashes builds up consumer trust und show everyone in this industrie as well as the playerbase that the ashes developers are pro quality gameplay and pro consumer. And this method would increase financeing for future classcombinations, if they release new classes with fitting cosmetics.

    I hope my englisch was not to broken, its not my native tounge, but anyway, thats how i see it and thats how i would attempt to build an mmo with 64 classes or even more…

    btw… Another pro with this method is, that the development team has more time and ressources to fokus on core gamemechanics to deliver the best possible expeariance at release.
    I can imagine, that that would free up some serious manpower that would be needed on other way more important fronts, because if history told us something about mmo releases… You either get it right the first time, or you will struggle to recover for a very long time and some do never. Better use of manpower is fokusing that everything "just works" and deliver 8 very well thought out and grounded classes that are ballanced, funny to play and relevant even for the future when all 64 classes are a some point released.

  12. When thinking of what Spec to build I immediately think that mix classes such as healer/dps wont be very strong but with so many classes its hard to think what route to go. I imagine most people will end up having to make new characters once people learn what is "good".

  13. Rogue/Ranger = Predator? I’m in. Although I know literally nothing about the weapons and abilities of those classes. I was just gonna binge watch you when the alpha drops. Besides, I’m sure you have a slew of videos planned around this topic.


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