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It has been a long time since I chopped up a segment, but today during the livestream we started talking about Ashes of Creation caravans and insurance and someone said I should clip this. Well I did. Tell me what you think? Do you think Insurance is going to work? Or is it going to be an issue that becomes open for exploits?

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5 thoughts on “Caravans and Insurance | Ashes of Creation”

  1. Yeah, definitely think there's gotta be some automation on the side of the game's system, because there's definitely countless possible ways of abusing and exploiting insurances.

  2. This insurance thing is pretty stupid lol. I don’t give people money to carry their stuff, I charge money for it. If you wanna move your stuff get a caravan, go by mule, ask friends, guild, whatever and go help defend the caravan… simple


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