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20 thoughts on “Can you compare Ashes of Creation to Star Citizen? | SaltEMike Reacts – Narc”

  1. So far from what I gathered, I can see why Ashes is compared to Star Citizen. The game aims to revolutionise the genre with their game systems – but like SC did, it mostly progresses in Graphical fidelity with some smaller (gameplay) features such as enemy AI (human/creatures). All the while they sell stuff to get more 'funding' even though Ashes CEO has like a billion dollars to spend on the project.
    Ashes did a lot, but I haven't seen something impressive that already revolutionises the genre.

    Also… as a Guild Wars 2 player that focuses on WvW 100v100v100(or more?) player battles – I wonder what the incredible "networking feats or technology" are in Ashes. I need to google and watch some video's cuz what he showed looked bad and nothing impressive when compared to older games like the big / graphical fights Gw2 WvW offers.

  2. Super respect to your work, I wish tbh to see your try in Black Desert. Just try let's see how goes. Its ama8zing game And I know you will get fun there with miolion tons of content.

  3. all what narc says sounds to me like blablabla bla. getting old. cig have to build technology to make sc happen and ashes just uses ue5 with a small map to play on.
    pls stop this dogshit.

  4. well I wish SC could switch to unreal5… that would save them alot of time… just the AI, and the procedural generation of cities roads and traffic and people walking around… unreal5 can just deliver that off the box…
    we gonna have a long time to wait to see arccorp be a urban living planet… SC will have to literally code all those thing that are already in U5.
    there isn't any orbital physics yet… and thus no wait to place a ship into orbite around a planete and down with a lander…

  5. you can play SC for only 50$ and never pay more….
    you won't for AoC…it start at 150$ and gonna require a subscription fee to play!!!
    and that's the reason MMORPG are failing… to be MMO you need massively amount of player base at every level of the game;
    and by placing it behind a subscription… then you already limit your market and the amount of players that would be interested in playing the game,
    that's why most MMORPG went with a F2P option, and/or converted the subscription into a "battlepass" system.
    Now It's been 20 years I've been talking about it but MY MMORPG that I dream of making (and will never be)
    would be sandbox with persistency, and subscription would be P4P… pay for persistency… thus you can build a town etc and your characters gonna stay there as NPC, traders guard, boss…
    managing the AIE of there fight by customizing the combat routine…
    setting daily schedule of travel and crafting so your character won'T stay idle in-game…
    and the F2P version well would be classic MMORPG… you would log out and vanish from the game…
    my idea was to make the Classes , reverse of WoW… your class unchangable would be your "profession" if you are a miner, woodworker, forager, fisher, etc… that would define your background in the starting city, the trade of your parents/familly…
    then becoming a mage or a fighter would require training like for profession in-game…
    spell would have to be found like recipies etc…
    there would be F2P "classes" focussing on pvp mostly and professions that have no fixed place of business…
    you cannot be a farmer without a farmland, nor a blacksmith without a forge, nor a miner without a mine…
    but you can be a mercenary, a bounty hunter, a monk, a beggar, a pirate, etc those classes not being persistent make sense…
    most of those would have some kind of spawning place… mercenary in barrack, monk in monastery, pirate in port etc…
    the idea is that those classes don't need persistency to work their trade… you could still afterward develloppe a hobby as a blacksmith or a farmer… but you wouldn't had a land and would have to work on farm of P4P players…
    well that was my idea… been waiting to see anyone coming with that idea so far, none except SC with there persistent univers, yet they aren't even going as far as I went.

  6. Here’s my take:
    Star Citizen: Buy $45 one purchase play forever ship to the game, and play as it’s developed.

    Ashes of Creation: Choose a Pre-Order Pack ranging from $75 – $375 and play specified Alpha or Beta test.

    Wayfarer Pack $75: Access to future Beta Two test phase
    2 months of game time ($30 Value)
    $25 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
    Field Marshal’s Command (Accessory Cosmetic Skin)

    Voyager Plus Pack $375: Access to future Alpha Two test phase
    Access to future Beta One test phase
    Access to future Beta Two test phase
    9 months of game time ($135 value)
    $125 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
    Field Marshal’s Command (Accessory Cosmetic Skin)
    The Phantom of Bratta (Pet Cosmetic Skin)
    Imperial Destrier (Mount Cosmetic Skin)
    7th Lancer (Costume Cosmetic Skin)
    Horn Division Supply Wagon (Caravan OR Naval Cosmetic Skin)
    Sentinel of the Empire (Freehold Building Cosmetic Skin)

  7. I kinda disagree on what star citizen is. It's not squadron 42, it's not a space mmo. it's a game engine. The problem with star citizen is that they aren't making a game they are making a game engine and by the time they are done it will be outdated

  8. I have just looked into Ashes and sure they are keeping to their original goals as it is open ended statements with big strokes that have been done in most RPGs. I hope it is good, as I play all games but it is not a big change from the norm.

  9. I bought into SC and AoC both on a whim. I'm frustrated and frankly over SC, if something happens progress wise and it becomes something fun and playable all good, I'm not going to hold my breath based on my experience. Same with AoC , total whim purchase and upgraded to Alpha 2 for like $35 from my original KS package. Looking forward to testing in Alpha 2's persistent alpha to release and I have some guarded confidence that this will happening within 12 months. Not looking forward to SC at all any more. Hopefully we get more systems, quanta and graphical upgrades in SC and then I'll be cheering, until then, MEH.
    edit: I thought your approach was pretty balanced BTW Mike 🙂

  10. I'm going to play Ashes of Creation. I'm also going to continue to play SC. I guess that's one of you good things about SC never ending development; it's easy to shelf for a time while you play other games and then you can come back to a new patch of SC.


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