Can I Steal Another Religion's Temple in Ashes of Creation? Great Player Questions Answered

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In this episode we go over the forums questions that players have posted for the upcoming @Ashes of Creation development stream this Friday. We discuss everything from one religion taking another’s temple, classes, unreal 5, gear, freehold plots and the start of alpha 2. We mostly agree alpha 2 will not happen until next year.

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The Ashen Forge: Episode 65 – Life Skills

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Artisan gear
16:45 – Confidence checks in crafting
19:05 – Cosmetic on any armor type
23:32 – Freehold plots
30:35 – Showcasing mounts
34:00 – Taming items or leads
37:35 – What happens to breeding pairs
49:28 – Religions converting other’s temples
54:14 – Alpha 2 start date
57:28 – Seeing weather from a mountain top
58:38 – Unsummoning mounts in combat
59:39 – Corrupted players and family summons


1 thought on “Can I Steal Another Religion's Temple in Ashes of Creation? Great Player Questions Answered”

  1. While I don't know for sure but I would doubt you can take over a temple inside a node since they would have to be placed and allowed by the mayor. However I would love to see them destroyable and must be rebuilt such as after a failed node war. But I am not sure how you can have combat within the city walls without outside influence from the gards.

    And just a thought. Since we will have animal husbandry with cross breeding do think we may see cross pollination to create hybrid the future? Interesting Possibilities.


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