Black Desert Online New Class and Raid & An Upcoming Alien Survival Game

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In this episode of MO to GO! (Multiplayer Online to Go), a weekly show that covers relevant news about Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games we cover a new upcoming survival game, an upcoming alien survival game to be specific, Drake’s Odds. In Drake’s Odds you play as an Alien invader on Earth and can mind control lifeforms, use a tractor beam to drag characters around, and engage in many more shenanigans. We have Updates on Tera’s plans for new content. We also talk about a new update to Dauntless. The new update included more quests, new weapons, and new Dauntless end game content. Black Desert Online is also adding a new class, the Nova, adding raids, and much more to the game. BDO is consistently updating the game. We also discuss the new Terra Updates.

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