Big Siege Gameplay Footage & Losing Key Staff – Ashes of Creation Dev Update May 2021

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Ashes of Creation just held their monthly development update which comes with it a great video showcasing the siege gameplay featuring about 100 players in a 50v50 play test. There’s also some big, bad news. They’ve lost their Lead Designer Jeff Bard who will be going to lead a VR project for the same company that made Walking Dead Saints And Sinners.

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43 thoughts on “Big Siege Gameplay Footage & Losing Key Staff – Ashes of Creation Dev Update May 2021”

  1. I really hope they tune the repairs-with-items system well. If the repair material is too specific it creates some issues that are just not fun to deal with.
    XIV had it and it was ASSCHEEKS. They toned it down, maybe way too much considering what it is today, but it was an undeniable issue.

  2. Im a bit sceptical about the succes of this project, it seems to appeal to the higher end of the gaming age group and if they make even just 1 faux pas it can all go down the drain. Add that to the new release of Elyon and it doesnt bode well.

  3. I could go on a rant how old school MMO mechanics died out for a reason. But I'll just say that the game looks good, visually and enviromentally. Effects looks chique. However I am not sold on the game. Wasn't when it first was mentioned and over the years, I've not been swayed. I will as always have a lookie-loo on launch (no preorder m'lady tips fedora ) but I think the game won't fair well. Can't remake a game with Pacman mechanics and think it will fly because you have some cool graphics.

  4. The lead designer leaving sounds bad, but I don't think it's as bad as you make it out to be. Most of the design is already done, of course it's a negative, but I don't think it leaves the company helpless, they are already on their tracks.

    The combat has a revamp already planned before the full NDA lift, and will go through multiple iterations. I agree that it looks both clunky and weightless for now, but I'd rather have them perfect the core systems (like nodes) first. I've played some games that promised a complex politic system to eventually let it die and become useless RP that the player struggled to maintain. The combat is something that has no impact over the other mechanics, it can always be figured out at a later stage.

    Seeing them spending time on the backend, and how smoothly that siege went made me hopeful. I mainly play eso, and they screwed up the backend of their game, they're desperately trying to fix it, but the performance is terrible and pvp is very clunky, and it's very hard to fix because the core systems are bad, so now they have to put band-aids to try an alleviate the issues.

    Also, that "For Narnia" charge was very cool, the sound design was really great, the cries of agony were particularly immersive xD

  5. The verbal NDA has been dropped for a while now, and I've heard mostly positive reviews of a project in alpha stage, so I'm not sure the theory that Jeff left before the "criticism came in" holds any real weight to it.

    People would have slammed the fuck out of the game already if that was the case.

  6. Exp loss is such a lazy system. It’s unnecessary in 2021+. If you want me to play longer make a better game. Exp loss was never about Penalizing you. It was about keeping you logged in longer.

  7. i mean we are judging combat from stevens pov where it doesn't look like hes a pvp player. I'm not sure how u move in this game but it seems like he keyboard turns and it takes him an eternity to face different directions or even turn around.

  8. Also there is a large difference between a lot of people trying a game and just randomly trying stuff out in the siege war, compared to people playing the game later on with people on discord grouped up on meta builds smashing buttons attacking other groups. The skill que will be large on each person and Games like BDO and GW2 deal with this and GW2 comes out on the top in the larger fights but still it is not lag free in the really large fights.

    I belive when they reach a point where this is happening is when they need to tune their game.

  9. Sliding on the ground while laying down at the start of the video, seems off. I hope it's just a high ping issue, as it looks like playing on 700+ms ping. But if it's actual animations, they have to sort that out

  10. I do love me some Ashes video, despite being an alpha tester. I don't get to play when they hold the tests due to work so coming here to just get quick updates helps to keep me updated.

  11. Apparently Lead Designer from WoW quit in 2003 as well before the launch of vanilla. Quit industry and returned in 2016 to Blizzard.
    Of course, because many other companies have lost big names and then their games have sucked we think the same about this. Only time will tell, some months from now we'll see if the game changes stuff and is not that great. I have a feeling it'll be fine.

  12. It's hard for me to fathom having an opportunity to be 'the guy' credited with being the design lead for a massively successful MMO that unseats WoW. Jeff Bard either knows it won't be anything close to that, or is a crazy uniquely motivated individual that has a lot of confidence in his replacement (I assume AoC will be promoting from within). I feel like if you spend 8 or 9 years bringing a great MMO to market, you could get any job you wanted to in any game, VR or otherwise. He already had 5 years in…why jump now?!? It's so strange.

  13. They have the gaull to ask people to play 500$ the alpha, yes, of course people are expecting a working title. If you have the balls to ask that much from people so you can have them test your game, you just set expetions you have to live up to sky high and at that point you don't get to pull the "It'S JuSt A BeTa" card.

  14. I think icons and nametags should only show up when you target someone, but be hidden otherwise. Maybe if you click someone, their entire group could highlight, just so you know who is grouped together? Other than that they should be left off.

  15. I sort of wish they didn´t have open alphas/betas, but kept them smaller and closed with NDA. Quite a few games nowdays die off due to having a bad alpha/beta or even launch. At least this early, this games seems at least a year away. Many games die early from bad publicity from alphas/betas or messy launches

  16. For me him leaving the project now just prove how a sissy he is, you said it it's a crutial time, him leaving now just show how bad he could be and don't wanna get hit by the train when it arrives.


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