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Asmongold reacts to KiraTV and Narc on Ashes of Creation and the drama surrounding the game, due to the delays after Classic TBC early release announcement, also due to Ashes Creative director Steven Sharif comments about Amazon’s New World and finally also because of the $500 Ashes supporter pack that gives the chance to check out the game in its alpha state right up until release.

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Ashes is a MMORPG which takes place within a medieval fantasy setting, blending imagination with cutting-edge graphics. Ashes of Creation will incorporate the best parts of traditional MMORPGs with innovative sandbox concepts. The first trailer of the game was released in 2019 and it is planned to be playable, at least in an alpha/beta format, in 2021…

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Narc on Ashes $500 Alpha Keys 16:24

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36 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts to Ashes of Creation: Delays, Drama & $500 Keys – By KiraTV & Narc | NEW MMORPG”

  1. They should really use some of that money for an actual QA team, it's also something they should have allocated resources for in their budget. This game needs to make mad strides to make up for its cash shop and ways of monetizing.

  2. I've stopped caring about AoC the moment they've started selling pre-alpha supporter packs with cosmetics unavailable later on.
    I just want an MMORPG with a box price and a sub. Is that so much to ask for? No optional cosmetics for $$$, no boosts, no season passes. Don't tell me it's unsustainable nowadays, because that's bullshit corporations want you to parrot.

  3. We can complain about loot going to DPS. The system to reward people for multi-boxing and botting. This game is set up to be trash and casuals getting laughed at by Rust-like zerg teams. Or we can just point out that he gonna call out New World for boosts when his game is already planning a cash shop.

  4. Bro who gives a fuck if he shares his opinion, MMO world is shit and most of the games they produce are. New world was shit without the monetization, now it's just pure shit.

  5. For once an MMORPG game is asking for people to only test/buy in early if they want to help out the development of the game. Dont do it if you just want a sneak peek. Do it to help the game. If you purchase this option, do the best you can to help Steven and his team make the game you deserve. If you only want early access, nut up and wait for the actual release. We deserve better than months without content guys. Help the change.

  6. The only way to play the alpha is to pay 500 dollars. How is that not selling it? I usually agree with Asmongold but that is a stupid thing to say. That's like saying that the only way that you can F my girlfriend involves paying 500 dollars. But we aren't selling sex.

    No twitter in hell. Twitter has done it's job there already.

  7. Bruh one thing people are overlooking about our lord and saviour Steven…
    If he played L2 at endgame he must have trown money at the screen like there is no tomorrow.
    10k are poket change in that game, so I wonder if he will cater to the whales at some point, cause sure as hell he was one.

  8. Anyone who pays a game company $500 to bug test a game!!.. Is an idiot plain and simiple, that should all be done in house or they should give it out free as a tester on servers that shut down on release. They have you paying now to do there work.

  9. I'd rather play a large niche, that means the game sticks to core tenets, interesting game first, where the niche says I love this. Than try to be mainstream, gut the complexity and have different camps of I love this or hate this.

  10. Can we start bullying the people that fabricate their indignation about these sorts of things? After a decade of watching it grow online worse and worse, I feel like it's the only good option to deal with it now.

  11. Which mmorpgs are the good standards for the KiraTV really that he plays, or he even plays a mmorpg for a long term gameplay? Because for every existent mmorpgs in the market now, he makes negative comments with very less compliments at his every mmorpg videos… Just because of it, many players even don't want to try any games anymore without trying it or even the game is not released after they watch KiraTV's video about games and mmorpgs… 😀

    $500 is 4.190,65 TL – Turkish Lira. Why do we even bother to try this game with its Alpha. However, I wonder how much money they are going to ask for the release date of "Ashes of Creation" with founder packs or buy to play model or subscription model while it is even so expensive now to get in for an Alpha version really…

  12. Testers paying the company…so it's out, just like that, no more pussy footing around, now they just flat out TELL you..that YOU have to pay THEM to work, not just work for free..YOU PAY THEM!..what the actual fuck level of insanity is this????

  13. People seem to misunderstand that the $500 alpha is just the alpha access. You're also getting literally a year of paid sub, name reservation, and like $300 in cash shop shit. It's literally just an investment for future content. They are more than likely going to include expansions in their cash shop, as ESO does, so if you don't care for cosmetics, there are always alternatives (speculative of course).


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