Asmongold on "The Absolute State of the MMORPG Genre" | By TheLazyPeon

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Asmongold reacts to a video by The Lazy Peon, who gives an overview on the current state of the MMO genre. Asmon joins the discussion/rant about the subject…

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Some of the MMOs discussed: New World, WoW TBC, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), Crimson Desert, BDO, Ashes of Creation and more of the best and worst upcoming MMORPGs in 2021 and the future…

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31 thoughts on “Asmongold on "The Absolute State of the MMORPG Genre" | By TheLazyPeon”

  1. What I hate the most, and it is not a problem with games but with people, about MMOs nowadays is that it is played as a race not as an enjoyment. People just "tryhard" since alpha or beta and when the game releases a lot of the shit is optimized and "meta" is already born, so the whole "explore the game and the world" is already gone on release. And on top of that if you want to go in clueless you will be partially excluded because you dont know about something.

    So even tho it is good to have alpha/beta for bug testing, because of playerbase mentality, beta ruins the game (change my mind)

  2. MMORPGs are essentially socialism simulations created and run by capitalism.
    Players hate when systems are unfair, they hate p2w (unless they're rich people with a superiority complex/whales). They want cooperation/work together and benefit equally or at least have a voice in how things are done and rewards are distributed.
    They want a second life, because they've been disillusioned about theirs.

    Capitalists no longer heavily invest into MMORPGs due to how much it takes to make the game profitable for them (much easier in other genres). Unless of course they find new ways to put price tags on everything while tricking new players into paying for it (Genshin Impact, phone games in general).
    You might not want to hear this, because it's real life politics which most people playing MMORPGs are trying to escape by playing these games, but you know it's true.

  3. Albion partially does cover for some of these issues – the new faction warfare system does incite players whove never met to band together and fight under the banner of their faction
    I personally always go solo, im not even in a guild, but I've been joining faction warfare daily because it's just soo much better
    Yes Albion does have microtransanctions and buying a subscription does give advantages, but it's not necessary at all, the is f2p and can be played f2p

  4. Mostly MMO player. I can't find myself to finish many singleplayer games. But when I do try out a new SP game, I'm so amazed how polished and high quality they are. It's true, MMO players are used to eating shit lol

  5. They do things in mmos that make money. Some hard core player that wants this mmo stuff is not their demographics. Trust me they know their cost/benefit analysis all to well. There is raid finder becuse they can't afford to make a raid just for 1% of top players so they can show off their epeens in IF

  6. the main problem of MMO(rpg)s is a technical issue, the reliance on game engines while no current engine actually supports MassiveMultiplayer. All licensable engines used to develop MMos are heavily limited in their netcode leading to heavy instancing as the engine itself can´t handle even 50 players in one place.
    Thats e.g. one reason games like Camelot Unchained take for ever to be developed as they want to bring back the feeling of the 2000´s Dark Age of Camelot wich was able to handle up to 2.5k of the 3.5k server cap population in one place.
    This situation on the flipside is limiting social interaction wich is THE reason to play a mmo, wich was the reason those games from "back then" are still remembered. as player interaction is the only longtime motivation for playing a game as PvE is limited and PvP is not everybodys darling (even though i do know alot of gamers whoas adamant pvp haters started to like PvP once facing a well developed/defined pvp setting – not this netcode limited battleground bullshit).

  7. Why would companies put in more work when the hardcore neck beards are going to buy the game and micro transactions regardless? You don't need 15 million subscribers when you get the same revenue with 2 million subscribers and a cash shop

  8. I've been playing the New World alpha for a few weeks and I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun im having and how excited I became about the game. Not going to be anything groundbreaking but will def sink some time into it.

  9. If we are going to ever get a massive fight like he is talking about, we need a cross over from mmo point of view to rts point of view. So basically you have a raid leader that can see everything clearly on the screeb from top down perspective and players that can easily follow those instructions basically getting huge marks on the screen. Then huge fights would be possible. Also they would obviously need to pay and train people to lead those battles. So if nobody wants to do it you can at least find some leaders at all times.

  10. Tbh I never understood why people say MMOs are dead. I'm pretty happy with the games that are out there now, I never really cared that much about the social component of them tho. I play Guild Wars 2 and have enough to do, have fun doing it and there always kind and helpful players around that join me in my adventures. So yeah, doesn't feel dead to me. I also played ESO but disliked the flood of DLCs and stuff like this, but then again, you can just get + and the problem is more or less solved. I feel like MMOs, at least to me, are in a state where I don't feel forced to play with others. Sure, there are some things you can only do in a group, but you can pretty much play a good amount of content in most of them solo and like I said, if I need players (like in GW2), there are always folks around.

  11. the biggest issue is that people are fed up with socialising with each other in order to achieve fun when there are plenty of single or co-op player games that are more fun and require less work and commitment then an mmo does. Boomers don't have time for MMO's and young gamers get more enjoyment from Battle royal games, a few million people might still play MMo's maybe even less, but 10's of millions are playing other genres that are more accessible and less daunting in terms of commitment, and if you play an MMO for the story what are you doing, the stories feel so on the spot they give you mental whiplash

  12. The answer is easy no one wants to pay month for a game which has micro transactions. Ether free to pay with micro transactions or month and everything is obtained in game for free fuck blizzard ☺

  13. I hate that peon even takes FFXIV into this since he never got past lvl 30…. without boosting his ass. He never did endgame he didn't even see quarter of the game honestly he should shut up about FFXIV he deleted his videos for a reason lol cuz his opinion on FFXIV is literally just bias

  14. No one plays MMo like they used to before. There are so many good RPG – Indie – Action – Phantasy out there that has extremely good graphics which are fun to play.
    MMORPG used to be famouse as i mentioned but i think their age has come to a near end.
    There will be people that play MMOs but don't expect huge numbers like in the past. It is dying slowly unfortunately and there is no fixing that.

  15. What makes a good MMO? The people you play it with. Stop being nostalgic about games. Because you will never be able to relive your first experiences you had with an MMORPG

  16. My biggest issue is that he seems to want a very specific kind of mmo. No great underrated classics that are still active like Neocron (still one of the most unique), or fun co-op focused ones like Secret World.

  17. I think Blizzard with Retail/Classic WoW can make the best MMORPG Experience overall forever again if they stop begin so much of money Whores and start getting the integrity back again. But it wont ever happend cuz all they care about is the money on the bank 🙁


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