Ashes Talk: True Vagabond [Ashes of Creation]

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Join us for the next Ashes Talk as we chat about being a True Vagabond in Ashes of Creation. After the most recent Ashes Pathfinders podcast, we got to talking about how a player could function if they chose not to be a citizen of a node or participate in government and political functions! We have ideas and so do you! Please share them! As always if you like the video drop a like and maybe think about subscribing. Support is always appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Ashes Talk: True Vagabond [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. I'm gonna have a vagabond character that just wanders the world looking for opportunities, view wonderous places and is basically just a nomad.

    I think it would be nice if vagabonds can act as mercenaries, sailors for hire or as helping hands to people doing bigger things. My ideal vagabond fantasy would be if I could travel around on a mobile home cart like a gypsy. Fish here, hunt there, etc.

  2. I would think that there would be opportunity for "vagabond characters". While taking this path may not be as exciting or may limit a character's potential the freedom may become its own reward. Such a character could do well as a gather who trades with freeholds or a mercenary who might take on assignments from those who do not have the time for more mundane tasks.

  3. It's not clear to me that there are enough available housing for everyone to be a citizen of a Node. You might have to travel some distance to find a newly leveled Node to call home, or they might all be full. Possibly.

    As for Guilds, if I can't commit to how much time I can play each week, then it's not fair to the Guild.

    I can definitely see myself as a Vagabond, taming beasts and exploring, until someday maybe I will find a home.

  4. I just want to be a Bard that lives high in the mountain forest and does the best animal husbandry and have people travel from all over in search of the wise old bard who lives like Yoda. lol

  5. I feel a "true" Vagabond will be limited as Ashes is a group based game. Without crafting help for equipment or others for support, they can only advance so far.

    However if they wish to RP a Vagabond, there will plenty of opportunity and support.

  6. I think it could be quite exciting to be a true vagabond. Just roaming the world of Vera amd watching the world grow and changes the world goes through. I'm going to have an alt just for this, and I can't wait.
    Great vid! Keep em coming!

  7. a way i think vagabonds could get access to content such as node sieges, and to an extent freehold housing because (correct me if I'm wrong) node citizenship is required for any type of player housing. A mercenary system similar to that of the bounty hunters could be introduced as an access point to node content needed without citizenship. Of course this will be a harder form of progression as you are not a citizen of a node and seen as untrustworthy. Mercenaries can be hired by nodes during sieges to help them defend their resources. There can be milestones in this progression system as you'll possibly gain reputation within the node. Keep in mind that work you do as a Merc will almost only count towards the node you are in with some progression with surrounding nodes as you become known as someone dependable. A freehold would be one of the last milestones as it will be seen as a status of friendship between you and the node you choose to live in.

    Thats all I have to say, Have fun everyone!


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