Ashes Talk: Positioned for Success [Ashes of Creation]

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Our next Ashes Talk is live. Today we talk about Ashes of Creation being Positioned for Success. We are always open for discussions down in the comments. As always if you like the video drop a like and maybe think about subscribing. Support is always appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Ashes Talk: Positioned for Success [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. Personally , if we speak of success as AoC becoming a game that lasts multiple years , than I have to say that I'm a bit concern about the difference there will be between a fresh new server and a year+ one.
    50% of my hipe for the game is about this empty world that we have to explore and to conquer !
    Will it be the same once 90% of the nodes have rise ? ( yes there is still all the conflict around but not exactly the same)

    Ps: I just realized that even the servers will be like phoenix ! Once a server get empty , every nodes get destroyed and the server is as fresh as new without reboot 😱


  2. From the accounts told by the alpha testers about how quickly Intrepid pivoted and adjusted to server issues over the weekend, they are in a really good position. I've been in open and closed beta's that had all the server issues that have been talked about for AoC and the devops were left scrambling. The fact that Intrepid are rapidly able to respond to these in a 'real alpha' is super encouraging for me. Enough so to want to test in Alpha 2 😉


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