Ashes Talk: Immersion Broke [Ashes of Creation]

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Join us for the next Ashes Talk as we chat about being Immersion Broke in Ashes of Creation. What are the things that break immersion for you in MMORPGs? We have ideas and so do you! Please share them! As always if you like the video drop a like and maybe think about subscribing. Support is always appreciated.

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9 thoughts on “Ashes Talk: Immersion Broke [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. I think if there’s too much shit goin on. It can ruin some player’s experience when playing a game. For example. In new world. I played til level 11 so far. When I open up my map now. There’s like 4 or 5 objectives on my map now. And there very spread out. I found my set less interested in playing the game because it takes forever to run from place to place. There’s probably some sort of teleport system. But It’s just that straight forward to me.

  2. Just a couple that come to mind sre the naming convention with hyphens, exclamation points, or just odd or near banable names.

    Also loud and bright armor. Bright yellow, orange, or lime green may be pushing it but is acceptable for a robe or clothing in town. But to see a yellow and orange armor set in the wilds is horrible. Keep the armor a single colors or a coordinated two tone but subdued, not bright.

    Also costumes were offered that were never seen in the game, especially around Halloween. If you.are going to offer costumes pull the designs from the game and possibly add a date or place restriction to their use, only during October or only in proximity to a town, castle, freehold, or guild hall (no way to use it in comcat or run from town to town wearing it).

    And finally I worry about the animal husbandry side of things. It is a fantasy game and I get that. I am just worried some immersion breakinv monstrosities will be created. There will need to be limits. I don't want to see a Selevany (snake and elephant combo) where you have a 2 ton snake with tusks and a trunk or snake with 4 legs. Just restrict them to logic and function and I can live with it.

  3. The best one is Kung fu theater fashion show(BDO), any toon wearing elaborate armor on the top half then wearing short shorts on the bottom half with some knee high high heels, any toon with formal evening gown regalia out in the world killing monsters.
    I really haven't seen any mobs yet to break my immersion, although I've already stated my concern about the 'cuteness factor' creeping in, in a few places. Not really immersion breaking but close.
    Great topic btw! Keep the vids coming!

  4. if you want to see a game that breaks immersion … Archage is a great example of this… you have the warriors running around in armor plate fighting beasts and dragons and you look to your right and your team member looks like a stuffed animal… and the other guy looks like a pimp.

  5. I'm not a fan of transmog at all. I understand its appeal to people, I accept it is just something that is going to exist in pretty much any game that comes out from now on.. but I still don't like it.

    I would be a lot more interested in cosmetic things like that if there were layers of interactions involved in creating a transmog. Just as an example.. say you have a high tier robe that you want to T-mog into something that looks more like the dark witch robe from the monthly pack. Instead of just going to the Tmog npc and paying a little bit of gold for a 1 to 1 conversion.. I think it would be better if you had to input materials to generate the appearance. Like to get the look of that dark witch look you would need blue and black dye, some kind of magic root, and whatever metal is trimming out the robe.. then you trade all that in for the appearance. Nothing expensive or hard to obtain.. just.. something other than gold. That way by the time you have your full set mogged out the way you want it.. there was some level of investment involved in creating that specific look.

    If things were done that way I think it would actually be MORE immersive. You would end up with entire markets formed around materials required for popular tmogs, etc. If people were looking at you and saw that you had a specific Tmog that actually did require expensive/high tier reagents to make.. They would know that person is a badass, and that its probably really high tier gear they are wearing if they went out of their way to put that specific Tmog on it, etc.



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