Ashes Talk: High Society [Ashes of Creation]

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Join us for the next Ashes Talk as we chat about High Society and social organizations done right. We had a very fun chat after the most recent Ashes Pathfinders podcast and this topic comes from you, the community! We have ideas and so do you! Please share them! As always if you like the video drop a like and maybe think about subscribing. Support is always appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Ashes Talk: High Society [Ashes of Creation]”

  1. I willl try explain something in this comment, but meaningful (immersive) combat designs that AoC could do would involve implementing API (DMG meteres) through Color coordination (also known as visual effects)…. for the vaste majority of gamers can see color and hear sounds. … different combat skills resulting from (poisions, bleeds, deep wounds, burning) should have decreasing tick marks, a sound associated with negative conditions , your health bar changing colors, and tick marks showing how fast this (posion, bleed, burning is decreasing you health) This creates immersion by not having as much need for (third-party ) API software because the game already improves ur perception of negative and positive affects by showing what is happening to your healthbar through various tick marks, or color, or sound…

  2. For fame and renown should have something to do with gaining access to purchase a home or become a nodes mayor ect witch would make it something that makes it viable for endgame and that could be just the top end of it with others stuff like titles and stuff for those to work up in nodes or artisan skills ect. When I think of a renown system Fable always come to mind but in most mmos like u say there's not much reason to farm fame for endgame unless there's walls to progress for specific purposes like quests, gear, weapons or event some cool cosmetics that are only available for doing so


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