Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 194 – Arcane Mementos [Ashes of Creation Podcast]

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In Episode 194 “Arcane Mementos” the Ashes Pathfinders join Phoenix (Simurgh) to discuss some community curated discussions from the community around Ashes of Creation. We discuss some of your recent comments on our YouTube channel related to enchanting, being a vagabond, and the game being further along in development than many may believe during the live show! Join us for another episode and help bear the torch for Ashes of Creation.

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2 thoughts on “Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 194 – Arcane Mementos [Ashes of Creation Podcast]”

  1. Faisal got exactly what I was saying. They are different games I just think some people could just like that ease of access that LFG provides when finding a group. Which is why I think the Tavern idea. The game needs to directly point people towards a way to form or join a group even if there is no instant matchmaking. When there is no definitive way in-game to find a group then people will look outside the game. People get rose color glasses when they think of no instant matchmaking or LFG from the first few MMO they've played. We are not in those days. The newness of MMOs are all but gone and people will be busy doing quests and won't stop to help others on average. Now when you add PVP to the mix, what will happen if someone keeps spamming "looking for help on x quest" in the local or global world chat? That's why tavern will be a good form of LFG. An LFG is just a way to group up with other people. A guild is also a form of LFG, it just a semi-private LFG. Taverns will provide a public form of in-game LFG.


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