Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 191 – Renewed Horizon [Ashes of Creation Podcast]

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In Episode 191 “Renewed Horizon” the Ashes Pathfinders join Phoenix (Simurgh) to discuss the most recent developer live stream for Ashes of Creation. The world of Verra just got a whole lot bigger! Check out our discussions if you missed our live show. All are welcome to join the live show on Twitch to contribute to the discussion via chat so don’t be shy to catch the show live. Join us for another episode and help bear the torch for Ashes of Creation.

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3 thoughts on “Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 191 – Renewed Horizon [Ashes of Creation Podcast]”

  1. My feeling if the are deep diving into nodes with a policy system, which should be low down on the list, then they msy be further along than we think.

    And what is the cooldown on a policy, one or two hours till we finish our new building, or longer?

  2. Im just happy that at least one race of human have interesting lore. Usually, the human race has the most boring lore of all other races HAHA! Im curious to see what Djinn effects are on the Vaelune.


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