Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 190 – Occult Practices [Ashes of Creation Podcast]

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In Episode 190 “Occult Practices” the Ashes Pathfinders join Phoenix (Simurgh) to discuss the lore around religion and the possibility of cults in Ashes of Creation. We had some fun community topics and news updates we discussed during the live show. All are welcome to join the live show on Twitch to contribute to the discussion via chat so don’t be shy to catch the show live. Join us for another episode and help bear the torch for Ashes of Creation.

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5 thoughts on “Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 190 – Occult Practices [Ashes of Creation Podcast]”

  1. Hello guys!!

    Please make one video talk with Linker from Nova Ordem Guild.

    This would be a great interview with one of the biggest promoters of Ashes of Creation in Brazil!!

    Thanks for all the generated content Ashes HQ!!

  2. 💰🥷

    What a show!

    Despite having a fairly solid concept for my main character, I'm still unsure of where he lands on the deities. Will have to wait for some more info to trickle in.

  3. Hey guys, fun to see you guys bring in guests! 😀

    A bit off topic since this it's not teleport, but still about moving people tho. I really hope we will get an extensive flight path system. In my opinion this is the best way to move around the world since you open up for some potential fantastic scenery. I also pretty much accept that I will never get a flying mount, so the flight path is the closest I get. 😀

    Again not exactly a response to that you guys brought up with the friendly/hostile factions (sorry about that Sim), I do have a question: do we know for a fact that the nodes will have NPC guards? If so, I guess there could be a system were the mayor can flag other nodes as hostile (outside of the flagging node's influence). If this is done, the citizens of these nodes can't go to the opposite node without being attacked by the guards. Not sure the benefit of this system, tho it could fule the drama and intrigues in the world. 😜

    Keep it up, always looking forward to your show!👌


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