Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 126 – An Arduous Journey (Ashes of Creation Podcast)

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In this episode the Pathfinders join Phoenix (Simurgh) in discussing the most recent @Ashes of Creation updates. Episode 126 holds the next edition of the log titled “An Arduous Journey.” Daedalus has had enough! Join us for another episode and help bear the torch for Ashes of Creation.

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4 thoughts on “Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 126 – An Arduous Journey (Ashes of Creation Podcast)”

  1. "your false narrative is causing me to feel really uncomfortable" LOL…Simurgh, you are quite the funny man! Had a blast with this latest podcast. Great job to all our hosts, Daedelus, Faisal, and Simurgh. Wonderful interaction with the hosts and chat.

  2. Though New World closed beta will start on july 20th. So at least the people who pre-ordered New World might be excluded from the Ashes of Creation Alpha one test. Unless the testing phases shift once again. For me the problem with Ashes of Creations way of getting financing for their game is asking people to pay 500 dollars for testing a game that they dont have any chance to test a bit before making that purchase. Then again at least people are able to get refunded which is good. It is just a lot of cash to ask for something that people dont have a chance to test out first and see if they like the game at its current state of development.


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