Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 111 – High Fidelity (Ashes of Creation Podcast)

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In this episode the Pathfinders join Phoenix (Simurgh) in discussing the most recent @Ashes of Creation updates and the ongoing A1 test. Faisal will destroy us all. RUN! Join us for another episode and help bear the torch for Ashes of Creation.

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3 thoughts on “Ashes Pathfinders – Episode 111 – High Fidelity (Ashes of Creation Podcast)”

  1. in the early closed apoc testing, before it was fully opened to the public, the textures we're actually pretty damn crisp. I remember when they started opening up testing and more players were in the map, server performance started to struggle (before the backend rework.) Then there was a sudden drop in texture quality for me, even though I didn't change any settings. After that point textures were quite grainy and not nearly as crisp, many people were commenting at the time. This footage in the recent livestreams is back to being crisp textures, a significant improvement over the early apoc tests from what I'm seeing. Thanks for another episode! 🙂


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