Ashes of Creation – Zone of Influence Podcast Ep.1 – Help the Noobs find their way!

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Join Tom and Scott from BadCuzDad as we start this journey down the rabbit hole that is Ashes of Creation! Tom spams his friends DM’s with the Ashes of Creation Weather and Basic Weapon Attack reveal videos. Will they block him permanently or will Ashes grab their attention?

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4 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Zone of Influence Podcast Ep.1 – Help the Noobs find their way!”

  1. Help us become Ashes of Creation savants with any and all info you think we should explore next as we venture down the Ashes of Creation rabbit hole. Lore, Nodes, and PVP features are high on our list of interest. What would your pick be for us to cover next?

  2. My concern is the speed of attacks. In PvP you need the abality to read the telegraphs as well as counter the attacks themselves. With that much speed will that even be possible.

    Yes any class can use any weapon, and the skill kit will be based on the class.

    There will be 8 basic classes with some flare (no new abilities) added by the secondary augment.

    The weather system is entwined with all aspectsnof the gme. More than just gathering… it effects attacks (lightning magic stronger in the rain). There will also be synergy where several mages come together to increase their power.

    And if you have not seen TheLazyPeon video Most Exciting MMO you should, it lays out the general scope and systems they are trying to include.

  3. Can’t discuss pvp without the corruption and bounty hunter systems! They recently did a livestream discussing one of their artisan skills ‘animal husbandry’. Worth checking out just to get an idea of how much depth they are planning for their crafting/gathering/processing.


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