Ashes of Creation World Tripled In Size, But Will It Feel Empty?

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Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG that just tripled in size.. but is it good?
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25 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation World Tripled In Size, But Will It Feel Empty?”

  1. open world on ocean…able to travel between continents safely but have to go via sea, the pvp element to trade goods, etc…. that sounds like a carbon copy of Archeage's system, in which you can have ships that have a set amount of slots for trade goods, that you can trade to a "pirate island" in the middle of the ocean (where bad players start to spawn if they cause too many issues in either continent) for the maximum amount of profits.

  2. people are going to bash on me for saying this which I find weird but I'll say it anyway. there are reasons the CGI in She-Hulk look the way they do. and to be honest they look GOOD given the limitations and factors at play. are they Marvel Cinematic worthy? No, but it's a TV show. they are basically forced to do their "homework" the night before and slam it out asap.
    I love seeing people criticize something when they don't know the struggle first hand.
    "I'm allowed to have an opinion" an opinion without knowledge to back it up is hollow and unnecessary.
    it would be like me telling Asmongold his stream isn't reaching its potential because his intro is trash, was it a 500,000$ intro? no, they did what they could with what they had.

  3. 3:30 debatable on server size increase. Nodes and cities will still be hubs for gathering players. which an increase in players could make it unstable.
    "otherwise it will feel empty"
    go outside. up to the mountains. do you think you're going to run into someone? there are dead zones IRL. being out in nature not seeing another player could feel incredibly immersive. if you want to be around people go into a city. the larger map could offer people a real Hermit lifestyle.
    again though, debatable. someone might have a mighty fine argument against this. but personally I do see a benefit to the same server size for players while having a bigger world.

  4. the biggest issue i have with the map, is the zones feel very low effort. There doesn't seem to be any desire to try to make the biomes work like they would in real life.

  5. too big a map is part of why Black Desert is trash. other reasons include pay to win (dont argue i know a fuckton of banned people with Negative billions in game). also the combat system was too different and strange to be enjoyable.

  6. Largest mmo map size in history is BS. There are games like Star wars Galaxies which had giant maps per planet where players would make cities. Sure Ashes will have a big map but I don't think it's breaking any records

  7. take the materials in your bag then teleport… , my guess you cant carry processed materials just raw ones, since you can mine and carry the ore with you. Or they can remove all crafting materials from your bag and put them in the current city you are in when you teleport

  8. I am just so skeptical of this game… I just don't understand how this world isn't going to feel empty and manufactured when it is this big and full of so much generated content. Like how is this ever gonna resulting a world easy to traverse and meet people? How is it gonna have meaningful pve content that doesn't all feel the same cookie cutter thing? How do they keep the pvp going with this much space distance and areas? It blows my mind that people eat up everything they say meanwhile it seems like I feel the opposite. When they announced they were increasing the size of the World I went from thinking I might not like it to being pretty convinced i wouldn't.


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