Ashes of Creation – Will Ashes be good? w/ Extermicide

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In this episode we sit down with Extermicide from Burning Discussion Podcast to speak about hot topics within Ashes of Creation. Watch as we get fired up about passionate stances we have about MMORPGs current and past. This is an episode of friends chatting together to make that sweet chin music baby! Please like & follow our channel if you like our content. Also, leave a comment with your opinion on the matter!

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2 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Will Ashes be good? w/ Extermicide”

  1. Thanks for the video.

    45:00 Yep Guilds in AoC will not work long term.
    Dealing with homesteading, expansions, training, recruiting, and morality is too many tasks for any single leader.
    When one person in command quits the rest of the guild will crumble and join the next biggest one.

    Eventually the burden of training new players to adapt to AoC style of political, and atypical PvP will either force the game to change drastically or shut down.
    Seen this play out in Darkfall Online over 10 years ago, hopefully I am wrong.

  2. Another good talk y'all. Just want to add tho unreal engine 5 would probably be well past post launch. They only just announced it and while- of course that would be the coolest thing ever it's gonna be like a year before it even releases if I remember right. So post launch maybe, but I certainly wouldn't be betting on it near or before launch


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