Ashes of Creation: Viewer Q&A w/ Tons of Ashes Information

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Viewer Q&A with tons of information about Ashes of Creation.

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22 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Viewer Q&A w/ Tons of Ashes Information”

  1. First Constructive Crit: Use a different font and color for top-left text + time stamp your timeline. Not to plug another dude but checkout formatting from Rhykker uses on his vids. Also your not using meta tags/words in description for discovery
    Second – Question: I am an old red/pk player from UO etc, how are the systems aligned to allow me to world roam to kill other players? Thanks!

  2. Another awesome video 🙂 keep up the great job! Also a quick question: How will weapon types/classes interact with or effect the primary archetype and then, after selecting the second archetype will that do anything for weapon performance?

  3. The XP debt at max level. You never actually delevel. But your combat effectiveness will be nerfed over time as you accrue corruption at any level. Which will incentives grinding off the exp dept.

  4. I haven't seen a video of an Alpha tester post nda drop watching the previous released videos and talking about relative experience. Would be cool to see one and content reason to watch.

  5. Death penalty:
    Experience debt (negative experience).
    Skill and stat dampening.
    Lower health and mana.
    Lower gear proficiency.
    Reduction in drop rates from monsters.
    Durability loss.
    NonCombatant 100% penalty
    Combatant 50% penalty
    Corrupted 400% penalty + chance to drop equipped gear

  6. Thanks so much. Your viewpoint on the wealth vs. power makes a lot of sense. I am a bit of a grinding pve nerd and its gonna be amazing to be able to grind heaps of gatherables AND still be able to fight in raids and sieges and stuff. In my old game if you wanted lots of materials you were automatically rubish at fighting and would remain on the sidelines of guild stuff for the most part. In sieges you could do nothing, you were just another target to soke some dps. 😀

    Also, my nick here on YT is just weird. Never mind the pronunciation 😀

  7. Im fairly certain that you will get into the content creator program, because you have a passion for aoc, you dont spread misinformation like other youtubers and your style of content doesnt really need much editing, but learning to edit obviously wont hurt lol. The new camera angle also looks a lot better than the old one in terms of video quality. I see that you dont lash out at people in the comments like you did couple months ago, which is really good. So yeah… everything is going good for you man 🙂

  8. You get MP back from the Cleric , forget ability name ( think its the whip ) so after target is hit anyone attacking same target gets some MP returned . We could have other classes or abilities but in Alpha with only 3 classes to pick we just don't know , some parts of the game are a true PRE Alpha .

  9. Regarding xp debt at max level: I couldn't find the source for where I read it again, but what I read was that you will suffer temporary, increasing stat reductions at too high xp debts and have to work that off to regain your power. Imagine kind of ress sickness in wow but far more gradual and less impactful, as I understood it.

  10. thank you i looked everywhere. most game do have colour blind options but never any VI options such as large and bold fonts for all txt in game such as quest txt chat txt etc.. i understand that UI scale and addons can help with this but in my experience a built in option would be so much more "accessible" .

    again thanks you for the reply and i hope youtube treats you well 😀


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