Ashes of Creation: VERBAL NDA IS LIFTED – A Review of the Combat in Alpha One

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hey what up boiz, Today we’re looking at how the initial combat is for Ashes of Creation’s very first public Alpha One spot Test avaliable from the $500 alpha keys recently sold by Intrepid.

We’ll look at in detail all the mechanics involved with the combat and I’ll do my best to compare it with something we’re all familiar with in our currently popular MMOs.

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36 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: VERBAL NDA IS LIFTED – A Review of the Combat in Alpha One”

  1. Remember this is the first public alpha build of Ashes of Creation, everything is very early in development! Especially the combat. We're missing many systems related to the combat in Ashes like the secondary class system, the augments and 2 whole skill trees. Additionally… we're only at level 20!
    Anyway join the discord:

  2. 2:40 I have not felt the smoot free flowing movement, as even the autoattack locks you in place, and you cant move sideways while attacking. I hope they will get rid of the root mechanic while you are attacking. I really want to move sideways (or rather in any direction), while performing an attack. The exception is wands, where you are able to move in any way you want…
    The combat definitely needs some improvement.

  3. Something I feel is not taken into account when someone says that "the game is far from beta" and it lacks this or that, is how long the testing window is. If you want feedback on a specific area or system, you remove everything that is not needed that can be a distraction. So then it is up to you as a tester to stay professional and do your job, test what is presented to you. You need to force your self not to focus on the things that the demo lack, but instead give feedback on what you can play.

    After that, then come the mindset on the game's state. You can choose how you look at it, like if a glass is half empty or half full. I am not saying you should be blue eyes and swallow every thing raw, but think on how information is presented to others. 🙂

  4. City of Heroes used a very similar death EXP debt mechanic that Ashes does (I wouldn't be surprised if CoH is where Ashes got the idea from). I'd say it's a happy medium between dying being a big deal and not so much.

  5. I really hated the roll mechanics in GW2 (played it 5-6 years ago idk if it changed). A simple spammable roll give gave you a "divine shield" (lots of invincibility frames). Roll should only be a mobility ability rather that, as it makes no sense how would attacks go through you during a roll. I hope it won't be like that in this game. (sry for bad english)

  6. Dude a lot of the things you said weren't supposed to be finished yet. Do you even hangout in the NDA discord. You sound dumb talking about the bow when obviously it isn't ready when we couldn't play ranger. Come on man

  7. For being in development for atleast 4 years rn, it looks pretty bad ngl.
    Core mechanics look pretty bland, nothing too special.
    Hope they deliver, but I think more and more that is a false hope.


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