Ashes of Creation Tutorials – what should be included?

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In this video , with the help of the forums and reddit, I look at some of the things that should be included in the tutorials for Ashes of Creation.
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00:00 Intro
0:59 Optional and repeatable
1:28 Information codex
2:42 Hand-holding
3:27 Group gameplay
5:55 Breaking up the flow of gameplay
6:25 Walls of text
7:06 How I would design the Ashes tutorials
7:30 Personalised tutorials
8:42 Death recap
9:38 Outro
Forum discussion:

Reddit discussion:

Combat Tips Video:
Ashes of Creation footage used in this video is all owned by Intrepid Studios, used under fair use for this video.

Final Fantasy 14 and WoW footage was recorded by myself for use in this video.


3 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Tutorials – what should be included?”

  1. Good ideas in here, from both you and the community. The "Codex" for new content is a nice Yes/No option. And I like the Death Recap idea.

    Maybe something during Character Creation that asks: "What's you experience playing MMOs?" And if players answer: "Never played an MMO" they get the full tutorial treatment. Verses players that answer, "I have years and years of experience" might only get minimal tutorials, but for things directly unique to AoC.


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