Ashes of Creation | Top Five Alpha 1 Praises

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A video where I detail the top 5 things I hear Ashes of Creation praised for in Alpha 1. Unfortunately, since I am not an alpha 1 tester, I cannot have first hand information of the tests myself, but what I can do is listen to what those who are testers say about the game so far. It’s all been pretty positive, and I’m leaning towards acting as an “aggregator” or someone who just collects information from other sources into one place.

The goal of this video is to experiment with this idea of being an aggregator.

Sources (Shown in video):

Music: Streambeats by Harris Heller, Ambient playlist.
Other channels I watched to inform myself
Unno Gaming:
Paradox Gaming Network:
The Ginger Empire:
Ritchie SH:


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