Ashes Of Creation Then Vs Now: A Visual Comparison

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This is a visual look with No Commentary on some of the changes from when the Ashes of Creation was first showcased to now. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.

0:00 Dragons
0:21 Pyre Fox
0:30 Class – Tank
0:44 Class – Mage
1:01 Class – Cleric
1:23 Seasons
1:56 Character Creation

Fire Transition from – “
Fire SFX from –

Most footage is from the official Ashes of Creation YouTube Channel.
Other footage is from AsmongoldTV –

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  1. Hey guys! If you enjoyed this comparison vid let me know by hitting like and telling me what you thought the best change is.

    June's Dev Update is supposed to have new combat footage in it so the plan is to make another video with the combat comparison.
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