Ashes of Creation: The Scope Creep Begins | Asmongold Reacts to Narc

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Is Ashes of Creation getting too big?
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27 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: The Scope Creep Begins | Asmongold Reacts to Narc”

  1. Please Asmonbald we PvPers are getting shit on by blizzard
    We made a video explaining how bad is the current state!

    you acknowledging us would be the best thing it could ever happen to us plz, share the salt !
    Please check it up, its our last video

  2. I don't think people truly understand what scope creep actually is. Scope creep would've been to add 'zones' or more nodes. They actually did the opposite by reducing the number of nodes, while expanding the areas to better accommodate for their planned content. This was just a matter of reevaluating their initial design and adjusting accordingly. A real world example would be the difference between adding a bedroom to your house so your kids didn't have to share a room vs adding a bowling alley because it would make your neighbors jealous.

  3. Procedurally creating landscape is long to do in the beginning but once you have the system done you can output a lot of stuff quickly. Removing villages would save a lot of time actually since that is more likely handcrafted. Take a look at houdini with ue4/ue5 videos and you'll be surprised in what procedural tools are out there.

  4. Ever since I learned how to quickly make maps, I realized that randomly generated maps are the way to go. You don't make a continent that fits your story, you make a story and mold it to the continent.
    How to make random maps: get a big sheet, get your dice, assign values to each dice, throw them, mark where they landed. Done. With minor adjustments, you got all mountains and capitals and important spots placed.

  5. I haven't looked at all into Ashes of Creation; but if they're doing a regular class system I'm unfortunately not excited for it.

    I like sandbox games that allow me to play however I want with one character – I don't want to make 6 different characters to play 6 different classes.

  6. Nodes or situations where multiple versions of the world overlapping eachother should be implemented into the lore of the game world. Such as a wizard bridging barriers between dimensions.

  7. This doesn't sound like scope creep to me, and I'm generally pessimistic about this game until it's publicly available for testing. If they never adjusted the landmass size to fit the amount of content they created, that would be a red flag in itself, so I'd take this as a positive sign for the game's development. Expecting the first pass to be perfect would indicate they're not taking it seriously.


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