Ashes of Creation | The key change Intrepid made with their livestreams!

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Ashes of Creation | The key change Intrepid made with their livestreams!

All Game Developers Make Mistakes. Intrepid Studios has made mistakes of their own. I get into what I view is the biggest mistake they have made, and I think it might be a surprise for most. And how them changing from that mistake is the best change they have made.

Oh, and the crazy intro is back, at least for this video.

I hope you enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation | The key change Intrepid made with their livestreams!”

  1. I tried to keep this as positive as possible! I think Ashes is on track to be a huge success! But I do actually think the new direction of less transparency has been a net positive. Let me know what you think!

  2. Headstart is a big worry of me even though I got 2 days headstart myselve, I would gladly give up on it. Because every region will have 1 headstart, making prolly 3 total. Players on launch going to avoid them cus ppl had time to lvl. So these servers for the most part going to be stocked with kickstarter cosmetics players. And the population drops after some time because big guilds want to avoid these servers too. But it seems hard to get rid of them at this point. Once Intrepid promised something. 😅 one solution might be if they make every server headstart to begin with, or make theyr identity hidden.
    I also hope they will make character names unique to the region they are on and not just the server to be prepared for any needed server merges.

  3. Alphas are not usually feature complete and when it is, that is when you're in the beta phase.

    Pre-Alphas are basically the set up to the alphas where you put together the game in a playable state.


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