Ashes of Creation Tank Abilities

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In this video we discuss Ashes of Creation tank abilities. In a recent video released by Intrepid Studios the Ashes of Creation tank skills were revealed. We got a …


3 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation Tank Abilities”

  1. Hmmm… I don´t know… animations looks kinda weird… It´s too jumpy and too fast for a tank in my opinion… I would like to see Shield Stuns, Bash, aggro skills… Ultimate Defense and Javelin are cool. This is a game I´ll problably play… unless NW is so great that I won´t play anything else the rest of my life….

  2. As far as the threat goes, by the wording of it it could be a personal stat, using those skills increases how much u have and when mobs check who to attack they will more probably go on the highest threat player


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