Ashes of Creation | SPECIAL EDITION- A Roundtrip through the Alpha One Map | Ultra Casual [EU Tenok]

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starting from Portal Ruins we ride on our Bear through all 8 regions and visit all 8 nodes on a 56 minute long journey. only very brief stopovers at the major nodes interrupt our ongoing riding adventure.

00:00 Portal to Winstead
04:36 Winstead to Na ‘ala
12:56 Na’ ala to Illwind
21:00 Illwind to Edgepoint
26:00 Edgepoint to Traitors Rock
33:50 Traitors Rock to Mistmire Ferry
35:43 Mistmire Ferry to Drythorne Ferry
39:27 Drythorne Ferry to Elyon
42:40 Elyon back to Drythorne
46:35 Drythorne to Mistmire
51:08 Mistmire to Winstead
55:00 Farewell in Winstead


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