Ashes of Creation SIEGE PVP STREAM – I WANT TO LOVE THIS – Reaction to Developer Livestream [Cobrak]

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8 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation SIEGE PVP STREAM – I WANT TO LOVE THIS – Reaction to Developer Livestream [Cobrak]”

  1. I've been following ashes development for over 3 years now, and it is so amazing to see how they work everything out together with the community! every time they show something new, I freak out like a kid. xD and even if they take another 3 years to finish it, the wait will totally be worth it. Definitely gonna play this.

  2. I kind of agree with you that playing melee in a big zerg like that can feel horrible.. But I also like the idea of actually using strategy to position different classes on different positions and having different jobs, like archers/ranges on the walls etc.
    I feel like they'd need something cool for melees as well, something where they can shine, maybe some mechanic that would allow them to infiltrate and cause havoc from within or something like that.

  3. You actually had it muted during the part where he said he was going to cheat and use gm power to make himself tanky so he could get close to the fight. Also he answered a few of the questions you had about combat during the live stream as well like diminishing return is something they are going to add they are just working on the bare bones right now looking for server problems. He also addressed the locked animation for casting as well and how they plan balance it. During the alpha right now we only have three classes tank, cleric, and mage. He was a mage in this video so that’s why he died so fast every time and cheated. The level cap right now is also 15. It might be good to rewatch when you have the chance because they talked about some interesting things this stream that you were interested in.


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