Ashes of Creation – Showing Some Alpha PvP Footage (For Fun) 2021 Update

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This is the Ashes of Creation Developer update/news for February 26th 2021. It doesn’t have a ton of new info, but it does have some new gameplay footage including some pvp duels.

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35 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – Showing Some Alpha PvP Footage (For Fun) 2021 Update”

  1. The scale of the characters are weird. It is more evident in other gameplays. But, check out 2:54 . The tallest flower in the foreground is as tall as the character's torso, who, in perspective, is ahead of the group of flowers.

  2. The main thing that gets me excited about this game is the archetype system. And more so someone who loves the Warrior/Bruiser/Fighter in MMOS, I've been gritting my teeth waiting for those Fighter skills, I know I'll probably end up maining it but I'm just dying to see their take on it when we've just seen the tank abilities which were pretty bad ass but alot of skills are very similar to what you'd find in a typical Fighter style class.

    I just except offensively speaking, the Fighter has to be that much more ferocious and explosive/quick for identity purposes. They've been quoted as saying Fighters are going to include alot of closing the gap mechanics, and mobility so that's promising.

  3. Kira wasn't kidding when he said the characters do not look like they belong in the world, and vice versa. I think it's because of the character art style, the environment feels like the typical eastern MMO (Archeage, Lineage2, you name it) while the character feels more westernized. It's like seeing a WOW character running around in BDO world.

  4. I don't know man. The game looks interesting but also doesn't for me. Looks a lot like ESO for me for some reason.
    I'm really not sold on the combat. I was expecting they went full action combat like when they did those battle royal tests. But every time I see combat in this game I can't really get too excited. Doesn't look very fluid or dynamic and the mixture between tab targetting and action is hard to pull off.
    Might be an unpopular opinion but so far I'm not seeing much charm in this game. :/

  5. I think i know why the characters don't seem to belong. One thing it's all the model's movement on the ground. It looks like they're not in "sync" while moving. Another thing is that the models seem to be floating a little and hlthey are not rooted to the ground. Another thing about the combat is all that floating while casting some spells. It just doesn't fit. I hope they address all these things but it doesn't look like anyone told them about these issues.

  6. Worst case scenario for AoC is that it ends up like ESO: Big beautiful, interesting world with terrible combat… we all know combat is the core of all these games, so that'd be a bummer.

  7. I hear you on the siege loot stuff, Kira. I think what you propose is still doable, within the system presently proposed by Ashes. Defenders can't loot their own holdings, after a successful siege. But, after the siege is over, there's nothing stopping the defenders from rallying, and striking at the attackers while they scurry off with the loots. Unless there's something I'm missing.

  8. I'm glad you noticed the weird behavior of Steven in the gameplay video. I've been noticing more and more that the guy doesn't really play like the veteran MMO player he claims to be. He then goes on to seemingly confirm that he's not the best at playing MMOs, even going as far as saying that he's more like what a "coach" is to a sports team. I feel like he's just someone that saw MMORPGs as a lucrative financial investment and figured he's toss money at one and direct people as to what he thinks would make them great. I've seen a lot of true veteran players, many of which I know personally, comment on combat and how mixing action and tab-targeting isn't a great idea. Steven would essentially just shoot the comment down saying that "he" thinks it'll work, though he has no experience in developing an MMO.

    As someone that develops MMORPG technology for a living, and that has worked for many companies in the past designing MMO systems, I have to say that just playing MMORPGs isn't enough to qualify you for designing one. For example, in games like Tera Online, the game uses intranet technology to facilitate rapid data transfers for real-time combat and has to have uniquely large hitboxes and data recording to retroactively compensate for real-time hit-registration. Tab-targeting systems use a completely different architecture and trying to bounce between both of them is going to be a server infrastructure nightmare. I feel this game needs an experienced Game Director before things end up going sideways.

  9. Might I just point out – This is perhaps the best dev team I've ever seen. They're genuinely listening to feedback and trying their best to make this a successful game. I respect this company 100%.

    Edit: I also love how they interact with their community.

  10. People should reign in thier expectations. So many of yall in the comments are hailing this as the savior, youre all setting yourselves up here. This looks incredibly …… average. It looks like a game for sure

  11. I really hope they keep out as much "sandbox" as possible. Most Sandbox games fail, and I don't think people in general are ready for a full sandbox game. Even if they ripped off WoW with newer content I think most people would be happy. Something even more than that would be great, but WoW sadly is the marker for the genre if your game will survive these days. You do need content like Dungeons and Raids and good PVP. That's just how it is with the current state of MMO's IMO


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