Ashes of Creation – September Showed More Than Ranger Combat

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IN the Ashes of Creation September Live Stream we saw Ranger Combat and More.

Background Music: A.L.I.S.O.N. – O.R.B.
Ending Music: Ifrit – Things Will Be Okay
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2 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation – September Showed More Than Ranger Combat”

  1. Ok I'm detecting some bullshit already with this game if the "risk vs reward" thing isn't already enough bullshit, the idea of playing solo being worthy of more reward because "more risk" it's the most ABSURD idea ever, goes against all logic of organizations, team play and economy, it's absurdity at a new level. In traditional, meaning real mmorpgs, playing solo means less reward, this is how people actually cooperates and play with people. This game has all the signs of being another wallet warrior theme park.

  2. Sorry, but armors being made specific for each race exists in mmorpgs, Lineage 2 has that. Also, I don't see anything special regarding the character design in this game, it is very bad design, very cheap and amateurish.


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