Ashes of Creation: Scientific Nodes Overview and Services

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29 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation: Scientific Nodes Overview and Services”

  1. Nooo my name was stricken in the credits!! lol

    I'm thinking teleportation is a bit to over powered, but I wouldn't mind having a supper power that summons an airship to take me back to town or something.
    Love all the information Science has to offer, but I think the Power Gems they manufacture for enchanting might be the big reason people lean into them.

  2. What I want to know is what will be the approximate subscription fee and will it be balanced for each country or is it same for all ?
    I honestly want to play this game when it comes out but since I am from India , I really doubt if I could afford to play this game for a year at least

  3. I get it's just jokes and shit but i'd really prefer if we could keep politics out of MMO videos; ive had enough of political jokes in every crevice of media for the last 4 years

  4. I'm not against teleportation super power but it depends of so much stuff that we don't know yet .
    The range of ZoI , how much node will be include in it , does every village to city can build the portal that allows tp or only towns and citys ?
    How much plot are available for building specific building in nodes ?
    Can you tp from a village to a other village or have to go to the metro and than go to the village ect ect.
    Personally even with the unknown, I think it will not be too powerful.

  5. I like it when RPGs have a good mixture of medieval fantasy and sci-fi. The Final Fantasy series does a pretty great job of that… Guild Wars 2 does a decent job too (though, it's more of a "Steampunk" setting). I hope AoC does a great job with this as well! 🙂 Also, I read who commented in the last video…. but I'm not sure you should put that in anymore. Since people could comment AFTER you release the new video, and since you're growing (more viewers = more commenters) and that list could end up getting huge. 😛

  6. Can we stop using the word "node" so much? Shouldn't it be used to describe the underlying system mechanic only? I can't bare the thought of playing this game and hearing node in every other sentence. Please can we say town or city instead? Let's keep it real.

  7. Please Explain the Economic Node. Sorry it's backwards. But you boil it down the best. In sum, I am asking my guild to choose between a scientific and merchant node. This is important to Sea explorers and crafters. Thanks, Skaff.


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