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MMO Ashes Of Creation will feature a lot of intricate sysyems and risk vs reward is at the heart of that. Today I will discuss why I think this system is awesome and how it motivated me to purchase mmorpg ashes of creation’s alpha. If you’re interested in purchasing Ashes of Creation be sure to use my code below 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Ashes Of Creation Risk VS Reward – Upcoming MMORPG”

  1. I'm banking on the belief that most lumberjacks will fight back. At least I hope so – assuming that I get good enough to play the bad guy, but don't necessarily want to go corrupt. If people don't fight back very often, though, and you really don't want to go corrupt, it kind of defaults to more of a normal MMORPG with PvP options. It will be fun to see how it shakes out. Assuming that this project gets out of alpha before I'm actually to old for playing online games. Yes, I'm pessimistic about that.

  2. What I'm curious about and worried about is if my equipped gear is what's list when I'm killed while being corrupted or if my recently collected gear n Gil is what's lost. I can't see player grinding and improving gear just to loose it from bounty hunted n such. That risk far outways the reward

  3. 3:00 this is what sounds awesome about it to me

    this makes for a great community bond as you form groups to work together to protect your cargo/to raid other players cargo.

    makes for some good RP elements too.


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