Ashes of Creation REVEAL: The MMO World Tripled In Size

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Ashes of Creation August 2022 update is massive and absolutely game changing for the upcoming MMORPG.
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40 thoughts on “Ashes of Creation REVEAL: The MMO World Tripled In Size”

  1. I think travel time can be increased only if there's more to do while travelling. Atlas would be a decent example (even though the game is trash). It immerses you into the feel of a pirate. Discovering floatsam, abandoned ships while simultaneously having weather effects and enemies to fight (that were actually fun imo). They had a great thing going but ruined the game by releasing it in such a poor state. I didn't care too much about the travel time because stopping on the other islands and exploring always benefitted you by providing resources and repairs to your ship while giving you more opportunities to meet new people and fight new animal types.

  2. Caravans were used in the middle ages for military campaign not only for siege equipment but also for the weapons of the armies (that were not actively being used during transportation) for large amounts of food and water as well as a large amount of arrows, loot and possibly to give soldiers who were not actively guarding the caravan to rest. As well as city to city trade for large amounts of items.

  3. Can someone tell me if they're doing a Star-Citizen or not? Don't really have time to watch the video. E.g. keep increasing the scope of the game so it's never finished while donations and other sources of money keep rolling in?

  4. although these things are nice, they are not innovative, we've seen models like these everywhere from movies to pictures to art to games, i don't find them unique or proprietary. The guy in the video is just trying to hype up the game so it doesn't close like the rest of the bad mmos.

  5. I am so excited to see the eventuall ship combat. With all the absolute trash-tier issues Atlas has, the actuall ship PvP is pretty damn good, espescially with the ability to decide where to put gunports, how many etc.

  6. A big concern I have is how will this game create enough content. People are not satisfied with WoW or FFXIV where the teams are 10+ times the size with way more experience

  7. Imagine an underwater temple
    Thats going on surface only 1 time a month.
    Always in the same area but never in the same place.
    That would be f awesome XD

  8. The world keeps growing, the features keep growing, the promises keep growing.

    Nobody sees an issue with this? People are really out here feeling desperate lol.

  9. Love the 1% screening stats to ensure the best and most talented devs are picked, if only TV and film followed the same path then perhaps we wouldn't get so many writers shitting on source material to earn some PC browny points

  10. why cannot be does hidden island be randomly located like in Valheim buuuuuuuut just limited to those hidden island. That way it is not gonna be so static like in other games. Also why cannot be some of those island being a the shell of giants sea turtles that keep randomly moving in the sea although slow, but not to the point of being easily spoted on internet resources. Common, that would be something nice, and a step forward than Archeage and BDO in sea content.

  11. The difference why i really have hope for this project is Steven, The guy is the head of the project and the money guy at the same time, and speaking, he really enjoy mmorpgs and know alot about them , so his building an mmorpg he can enjoy to without p2w win , that was one of the reasons this project start

  12. Ah ah ah AoC looks like battle royal with caravans xd … man this will not have the immersion MMO have to get. Players will be bored in 3 months of playtime …

  13. My "problem" with a map being too big is the travel. I dont care that going from point A to point B is long if there is an adventure in the meantime. I played Stalker Anomaly for the first time last year and it suddenly became a comfort zone for me. The game is about going from point A to B all the time. You reach a place, take quests from npcs and go to do them. One asks you ti kill something in one zone, other to deliver a package in other. Open the map, trace your route and start walking. But the fun is not killing those 2 mobs or delivering a package in another camp, is everything that happens in the meantime. I'd love a mmo where you need some rare stones that spawn on the top of a huge mountain far away in the desert, and instead of pressing T to autowalk like BDO, you mount your horse and start riding to the south, in the process you participate i an event where you colaborate with other players, find a cave that you have never seen before with a collectible, and the moment you reach your mountain in the desert, you are just hoping to find more adventures on the way back

  14. I love this guy's videos, super hilarious. But those pizza boxes and soda cans. There is cheese residue in every box, and syrup residue in every can. I can't imagine this guy not having an ant and roach infestation. 🙁

  15. i really hope that they keep flying to be something rare and special, since for me flying is a big factor when i think about what ruined wow. the world suddenly felt small, exploration felt more like a checklist and lost all its wondor

  16. But in real life they DID transport materials in caravans. People didn't just throw a log on their shoulder and walk it to the next town…Caravans are supposed to be able to carry 100x your inventory, so you'd need to make the run 100 times on foot to move all your crafting mats from one town to the next, or just do 1 caravan.


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